WAC named Value Added School in Mississippi

By Press Reports

A local school from the Choctaw County School District has been
recognized at the recent statewide conference of the Program of
Research and Evaluation of Public Schools (PREPS) for being named as
a Value Added School.

Weir Attendance Center was recognized for MCT2 Language Arts.

Over 1,000 Mississippi schools’ assessment results were recorded on
the Mississippi Statewide Accountability System for 2011-2012. The
PREPS value-added analysis resulted in 479 schools (364 for
assessment results and 115 for QDI) statewide designated as value-
added schools. Of these schools, 391 are members of PREPS, and these
391 are the 2012* PREPS Value Added Award recipients. The awards were
presented during the 2013 PREPS/MAPE Conference, February 20-21,
2013, at the Hilton Hotel in Jackson, MS. Over 500 educators and
business leaders were present the Value Added and Special Awards

PREPS Value Added analysis began in June 1997. PREPS Value Added
analysis allows for comparisons of educational performance among
Mississippi Schools, taking into account (or holding constant) the
impact of differences in the socioeconomic background of the students
considered in the research. The model is used in the PREPS Value
Added Awards Program to identify high performing schools among
Mississippi districts. Schools which are adding value are those
which are considered to be performing significantly better than other
schools with comparable socioeconomic circumstances. The Value Added
analysis produces a band of predicted score performance and
recognizes those schools which are performing above the predicted
band. Using MCT2 and SATP2 school level scale score average for
2011-2012 assessments or the numerical QDI score (for new QDI awards)
reported by the Mississippi Department of Education under the
Mississippi Assessment and Accountability Reporting System (MAARS)
and the school socioeconomic indicator (percent of students on free
or reduced lunch), PREPS has performed Value Added analysis at the
elementary through high school levels.

PREPS is a private non-profit consortium of school districts whose
purpose is to develop and implement educational products and services
that help manage and support districts’ efforts to demonstrate
improvement in their instructional programs. PREPS is supported by
the College of Education at Mississippi State University and is
housed in the Center for Educational Partnerships, the service
division of the college. Collaboration among member districts enables
each district to benefit from the development of products and
services that no single district is capable of developing alone.

*2012 denotes the assessment/accountability data analysis is based