Take Pride in America Day a success

Submitted by the Tombigbee National Forest-Choctaw Lake Recreation Area

The Tombigbee National Forest hosted a “Take Pride in America Day” at
Choctaw Lake Recreation Area on Saturday, March 2.

Take Pride in America’s mission is to increase the public’s sense of
responsibility for public resources and invite the public to help
maintain and enhance our shared spaces.

Three main objectives for the volunteer day were to:
Prepare the Choctaw Lake recreation area for upcoming opening day.
Install a Disc Golf Course around Choctaw Lake.
Install tree identification signs on Cabin Lake trail.

The work day had 150 volunteers show up out of 270 registrants. The
weather (freezing temperatures, snow and sleet) was not conducive for
a productive day but the volunteers had a hard working attitude and
wanted to be productive. The Disc Golf course baskets were installed
successfully, the tree identification signs on Cabin Lake trail were
installed successfully, 80 bags of trash were picked up from the
Choctaw Lake recreation area and the surrounding roadways, the
campground camping pads were cleaned off, the 6 miles of trail around
the lake and campground area was cleaned off and the beach area was
cleaned off. The 150 volunteers that showed up produced 584 estimated
man hours which equated to 73 work days.

The Disc Golf baskets where made possible through a partnership
between North American Coal and the US Forest Service. The tree
identification signs were made possible through a partnership with
the Choctaw Soil and Water Conservation Service, Quantum (energy
company that services North American Coal), Choctaw County Forestry
Association, Crowder Engineering and Surveying, Choctaw County Board
of Supervisors and Choctaw County Sheriff Department and the US
Forest Service.

Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce was a big help in making this
volunteer day a success.

Of the 150 volunteers for “Take Pride in America Day” approximately
half of the attendees had never visited Choctaw Lake Recreation Area.

The Tombigbee National Forest would like to thank all of our
volunteers and partners that helped to make “Take Pride in America
Day at Choctaw Lake” such a huge success.

Thanks again to our many volunteers and partners: North American
Coal, Choctaw County Forestry Association, Choctaw Soil and Water
Conservation District, Quantum-Choctaw Power Plant, Wal Mart
(Starkville and Louisville), Clark Beverage Group, Ackerman Super
Valu, Choctaw County Board of Supervisors, Choctaw County Sheriff’s
Department, Choctaw County Career and Technology Center, Choctaw
County Chamber of Commerce, MSU Extension Service – Choctaw County,
Clif Bar-Papa Vic’s Donuts, University Screenprint and Flaherty
Vending Services.