Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

Healthcare in Choctaw County is advancing with new providers, the
completion of the new medical office building, construction of the
new hospital almost complete and more.

In September 2012, Alisha Tenhet, FNP-C, joined the Pioneer team with
Dr. Terry O’Malia, D.O., beginning in October. Both of these
providers see patients at the new Pioneer Medical Center, which is
the new medical office building. This building is right next to the
new hospital on the corner of Highways 9 and 12 in Ackerman.

Construction of the new clinic was complete in less than one year.
Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw opened the clinic in December
2012 and began seeing patients.

Also in 2012, Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw’s Intensive
Outpatient Program (IOP) moved to Cutts building on Hwy. 15 in
Ackerman. Pioneer says, “This move allowed renovations to be
completed in advance of the new Senior Care Unit’s opening in October.

The IOP Program is a Medicare program that provides behavioral health
to seniors on an outpatient basis. Participants are provided group
therapy sessions, activity and education groups, medication
management and a monthly evaluation by a board certified
psychiatrist. Lunch is served to our participants, as well. More
information about this program can be found at or
by calling 662-285-6208.”

October brought the addition of the hospital’s Inpatient Senior Care
Unit. This unit is located within the Pioneer Community Hospital and
specializes in helping seniors deal with behavioral and mental health
issues in a secure, medically supervised environment.

“We take pride in providing a structured setting that offers a
therapeutic atmosphere that most patients find helpful. Treatment
plans are individually developed for each patient and include group
counseling, individual counseling, family counseling and medication
management. Typically, the costs of care are covered by Medicare.”

“Visitation by family members during designated visiting hours is
encouraged. Patient referrals can be made by anyone: a family member,
physician, nursing home staff, Pastor, friend or neighbor. A
confidential, no charge assessment can be scheduled by calling

Big things will happen in 2013 for Pioneer Community Hospital of
Choctaw. They are searching for a new administrator while preparing
for physical therapy to move into the new medical office building in
late spring.

Construction of the new hospital will be complete in May 2013.
Pioneer Community Hospital of Choctaw plans to move into the new
hospital mid summer and plans to open this year.