French Camp officials join Republicans

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen of French Camp along with Constable
Post 1 were welcomed to the Republican Party in style.

After officially joining, the Mississippi Republican Party held a
press conference at their headquarters in Jackson on March 20 to
welcome their new members.

Joining the Republican Party are French Camp Mayor Glen H. Barlow,
the French Camp Board of Alderpersons-Rebecca Stevens, Peter
Pendleton, Jennifer Morgan, Becky Rogers and soon to be alderperson
Jan Henderson (will take office in July). Post 1 Constable Thomas
Raybourn officially switched to the Republican Party as well.

During the press conference District 35 Rep. Joey Hood, Senator Gary
Jackson, Gov. Phil Bryant, Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann and
Joe Nosef, chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party welcomed the
group to the Republican Party.

“Years ago our fight was to get people to say they were Republican…
now the front lines of our battle is at the local level and that’s
why is so important to us when local officials realize what a lot of
others have, which is in Mississippi, you have a choice. You can
either be a conservative or democrat, but you can’t be both,” said
Joe Nosef, chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party.

“I’m sitting here in this room looking at this group of individuals
in front of me and they are like family… I consider each and every
one a very dear and close friend,” said Rep. Joey Hood.

“They are each very dedicated public servants to Choctaw County and
the state of Mississippi. I welcome them to the Republican Party,”
said Hood. He then personally recognized each one during the press

Mayor Glen Barlow stated why it is important for him and the French
Camp Board of Aldermen to join the Republican Party.
“It’s a pleasure to be here today because of the fact that we have
great men that stand on the beliefs that we stand on. That we believe
the same things that our governor believes, that our senator
believes, that our representative believe. So, that’s what makes it
important for us as a group in French Camp, Mississippi to come
before y’all and want to be a part of y’all. And say we want to be a
part of what y’all stand for,” said Barlow.

Gov. Phil Bryant personally welcomed the French Camp officials and
Raybourn to the party. He compared joining the Republican Party to
being similar to joining a church. He stated he knows the difference
between the two but said it’s similar because people can be a
Christian and a Republican at the same time because of their beliefs.

He continued speaking, at the press conference, about why our country
is at stake and that we need to fight for it.
“We believe that America is worth fighting for and it starts in
French Camp, Mississippi. Welcome to the Republican Party. We are so
happy that you are a part of our team,” said Gov. Bryant.

Before ending the press conference, Secretary of State Delbert
Hosemann walked in to welcome the French Camp officials to the
Republican Party. He joked that he came because he thought they were
bringing French Camp homemade bread but then seriously thanked the
group for the work they do at French Camp Academy.

“We all have the same common goal as what ya’ll do at French Camp, to
leave this place a little better than before. Welcome to the
Republican Party,” said Secretary Hosemann.