50 Ways to Use your Newspaper-After reading it

By Samantha Williams

We all love receiving the paper each week. We get to find out what
is going on in our County, find out who is getting married or even
who has passed away. Also remember to check out the Ads to find out
if your favorite local store is having Sales. There are a lot of
great things in our paper each week. The one thing that we can never
find the answer to is what to do with our papers AFTER we have read

I have complied a list of things that I think you might find
1. Composting

2. Packing/Moving
3. Cleaning windows or mirrors (Works like a charm.)
4. Use for really cool nail art (Check out Pinterest)
5. Creating frames
6. Using as Pet Pads
7. Clip important articles or Ads for Scrapbooking
8. Gift Wrap or Gift Bags
9. It can also be used in flowerbeds as a weed blocker
10. Book covers…very inexpensive
11. Can be used as a mat to keep dirt or mud off your floor
12. Be used as a fire starter
13. I have been told that it can be used to neutralize odors in old
14. You can use it to cover floors or table for arts and craft projects
15. It can also be used to make origami
16. Clip your favorite things and make a beautiful collage.
17. Store seedlings for later planting
18. Entertain children by making hats or boats or other crafts
19. Take old bottles and use as Paper Mache.
20. Can also be used as a cushion (Think those Black Friday sales.)
21. Temporarily blocks the sun from windows.
22. Spread sheets of newspapers out and make patterns for clothing
23. Dampen and spread over window or mirror glass while painting
24. Line and protect shelves and drawers
25. Place newspapers inside leather shoes, purses and suitcases. It
will help items keep their shape and help deodorize them
26. Place sheet underneath cars when parked to protect concrete floors
27. Lay old papers on the windshield so you don’t have to scrap ice
in the mornings
28. Cover vulnerable garden plants with tents made of papers
29. Transport fresh flowers in damp papers to keep them fresh longer
30. Buy some glue, sticks, and strings and make kites
31. Celebrate New Year’s Eve or birthdays with confetti
32. Children can make paper chains, hand puppets or costumes
33. Fill balloons, flour, water and strips of paper to create piñatas
34. Cover broken windows until they can be repaired
35. Make wreaths
36. Create flower arrangements using different colors of paints
37. Create Christmas Trees or ornaments.
38. If your shoes are wet you can use papers to help absorb the water.
39. Can also help students with school assignments. They can find old
articles that are class related.
40. You can also help a friend out by passing along your old papers.
It will save money and they can use the papers for whatever the need be.
41. Can also be related by Critical Thinking for students to closely
examine articles, punctuation, etc.
42. Use as an umbrella when caught in the rain.
43. Spread over outdoor benches to protect clothing.
44. Place papers inside closed windows to prevent rattling.
45. Use as a reflector while taking photographs.
46. May also be used as a lampshade to create a different look for a
47. Lay down old newspapers while children are doing arts and crafts
to prevent excessive clean up from spills.
48. Use as a dustpan.
49. Sharpen pencils by rubbing the tips on papers.
50. You can also roll and use as a funnel.
Sources: Pinterest, Google, News Source