Supervisors discuss county fund usage

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

District 1 Supervisor Archie Collins requested the Board of
Supervisors loan his district $59,000 from the county-wide fund, in
their March 11 board meeting.

Collins said he would like to borrow the money so that he can pave
roads this year.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers reminded Collins and the rest of
the board that they each have a budget.

“We have budgets we have to abide by,” said Chambers.

Collins responded to Chambers, “If you don’t want to do it (approve
the loan request), don’t. Don’t argue with it like you do everything

District 2 Supervisor Larry McClain stated he that he would like to
pave also but doesn’t have the funds to pave this year.

District 4 Supervisor David Carter suggested fixing tire issues with
the county’s tire truck before making a loan out of that account.

“Chris mentioned that we have issues with our tire truck. We need to
fix it before we deplete our funds. We will look at it (loan) later,”
said Carter.

In this same discussion, Collins and the board discussed $59,000 that
District 1 received from FEMA/MEMA to fix the Pruitt Road Bridge. The
funds can only be used to fix the bridge or be sent back to MEMA.

Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk, suggested that Collins send the
money back to MEMA with a letter stating that the requested change to
the scope of work has not been approved so therefore the county is
sending the money back.

After more discussion, Collins agreed to fix the bridge as the money
is intended.
No action was needed on either item.

The board also listened to a presentation from AGI insurance and what
they have to offer the county employees. AGI wants to offer
supplemental insurances to the county employees. No action taken.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors approved:
-Agenda after adding insurance.
-After holding public meeting to close 1,400 feet of Salem-Bywy Road,
they approved to grant the Red Hill’s Mine request to close the road
for mining purposes. No comments were made in the hearing.
-To purchase a $380 ad in the Choctaw Plaindealer for the Progress
-Transfer $811 to Fund 130 from Fund 001 for loan repayment.
-To pay the employers part of PERS on their fees for the Circuit and
Chancery clerks by request of Peggy Miller, Circuit clerk. The clerks
used to be required to pay it out of their pocket but a new law
allows the Board of Supervisors to pay it.
District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire was absent from the meeting but
participated via telephone.