Engineering Night a success

By Staff and Press

Engineering recently became a reality with hands-on learning for
students and parents at Ackerman Elementary School.

AES along with the Bagley Engineering School from Mississippi State
University hosted a Family Engineering Night on February 21.

Students were able to work with their parents on different activities
and everyone had a wonderful night of hands-on learning.

The students/parents were broken into four separate groups and
rotated through the different stations. The stations included balloon
rockets, designing/making and launching straw rockets, building
structures and analyzing sturdiness, and many short and thought
provoking learning activities lined around the cafeteria.

The students were amazed that some of their rocket designs flew
across the entire gym floor.

Glen Blaine, AES principal, would like to thank everyone that

“I would like to thank the teacher volunteers and the parents that
attended and helped their children with the different projects,” said