Matching funds pledged to Choctaw Animal Shelter

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County Animal Shelter needs the community’s help to help raise
funds. An anonymous person has pledged to match funds donated within one
month, up to $2,500. The animal shelter hopes to $2,500 to meet the full
matching amount and this would finish the new kennel building at the

“If we get the whole match, it will be enough to get the building and all
18 new runs completed,” said Dr. Rita Morris, DVM, director of the Choctaw
County Animal Shelter.

The animal shelter is a private 501(c)3 organization that operates by
volunteers and donations only. Any volunteers are donations are welcome

The Choctaw County Animal Shelter provides homeless animals with
necessities and medical care until a permanent home is found. Space is
limited because the shelter keeps the animals for as long as it takes to
find them a home.

“We have to euthanize very few animals and this is usually because of
aggression or severe health problems. The shelter has had some dogs for
close to two years. We adopted out a dog we had for over 2 years a few
months ago, and just recently adopted out a walker we had for over a year.
So we don’t give up on them,” said Morris.

When space is available, the animal shelter only accepts animals that are
brought to the shelter.

“When we have openings, we will take in found pets, strays, abandoned and
mistreated animals. The shelter is willing to work with anyone in the
county or even in a neighboring county that does not have an animal
shelter,” she added.

The Choctaw County Animal Shelter is not animal control. They do not gather
strays, nuisance animals or confiscate neglected or abused animals. Morris
says they do not have the authority do those things, that law enforcement
officers do that.

The Choctaw County Animal Shelter is located on Enon Road, outside the
Ackerman city limits. Dogs and cats are housed there. The shelter is not
staffed so appointments must be made to visit.

Currently, the animal shelter is housing 36 dogs and two cats with four
dogs and one cat being temporarily fostered.

Morris said in just over two years, the shelter has found homes for
approximately 200 animals.

To help the Choctaw County Animal Shelter help more animals please donate
from February 25-March 25, if possible. Bring your donations to the Choctaw
County Animal Clinic (Highway 15, Ackerman) or mail donations to Choctaw
County Animal Shelter, PO Box 392, Ackerman MS 39735.