Oswalt earns Eagle Scout rank

By Press Reports

At Providence Baptist Church, on January 13, before a host of family, friends, fellow scouts and scout leaders, Chay Oswalt was awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.

After completing all requirements and passing an extensive board of review, Chay earned his rank on June 13, 2012, the centennial year of the Eagle Scouts. Due to scheduling conflicts and family health issues, Chay’s family decided to arrange for his Court of Honor to coincide with his 16th birthday.

Chay’s ceremony opened with a picture presentation of his life highlighted with scouting, sports and family. His sister, Molly Oswalt and Boy Scout Troop 41 opened the Court of Honor with the presentation of the flags and the pledge of allegiance. Eagle Scout Tyler Cagle led the scouts in the Scout Oath. Rev. Randle Poss welcomed the audience and offered a benediction prayer. Eagle Scout Jacob Ansley then told the audience how American hero, John Wayne viewed the 12 points of the Scout Law. Chay’s mother, Betsy Oswalt, former Cub Scout den leader reminisced and explained how the scripture of Isaiah 40:31 had been an important part of Chay’s life since the night of his birth.

Eagle Scout Sam Graves, Order of the Arrow Associate Advisor to Watonala Lodge, gave Chay his Eagle Scout Charge and told the audience about Chay’s affiliation with Scouting’s National Honor Society, Order of the Arrow. Graves explained to those attending that Chay had earned the rank of Eagle Scout by hard work, completing requirements and completing an Eagle Scout approved service project. Joining the Order of the Arrow, however, was available by invitation only via the existing members. He explained that Chay had risen to the highest honor in the Order of the Arrow by being elected for Vigil Honor on November 28, 2011.

Eagle Scout Brice Stubbs, Order of the Arrow Lodge Advisor for Watonala Lodge, reminded Chay of his Eagle Scout Obligations and Responsibilities. Prior to this, Stubbs told funny anecdotal stories about Chay. Together, Stubbs and Chay showed the audience the camaraderie and joyful fun scouting can accomplish. After several moments of humorous laughter, Stubbs reminded us of the seriousness and hard work that lead Chay to this prestigious and rare rank of Eagle Scout. With only two percent of scouts achieving this rank, he reminded everyone of the deep commitment and unyielding character that it takes for a young man to achieve this rank.

Eagle Scout Adam Tunnell led all Eagle Scouts in reaffirming their Eagle Oath. Then with his right hand on his new Eagle Scout Bible, Chay was led by his father, Scoutmaster Charles Oswalt, in affirming his own Eagle Oath. After removing his scout neckerchief, Chay’s father replaced it with his Eagle neckerchief and Chay’s mother pinned his Eagle Badge on him. After pinning his mom and dad,

Eagle Scout Chay Oswalt addressed the audience and honored several important mentors in his life.

First, he honored his sister Molly Oswalt. She had shadowed many of his cub scouting activities and given up many weekends to go to scouting events. He presented her with a bumblebee pin and reminded her that scientific evidence tells us bumblebees are not supposed to fly but because they listen to God they can and do fly. Chay then honored Bro. Randle Poss, his pastor, with a mentor pin for modeling Christian virtues and leading his soul to Christ. Stubbs received a mentor pin for motivating Chay in his scouting endeavors. Chay bestowed to Miss Lily Moss, a posthumous mentor pin for her father, Coach Steven Moss, who convinced Chay to play football and live a life for Christ.

Coach Adam Dillinger was pinned with a mentor pin by Chay for showing him the importance of hard work, lots of practice, praying for others, and being a man of faith in school and out of school.

Smokey Oswalt, Chay’s grandfather, was pinned as Chay said “for giving me strong sound advice whenever I needed guidance, being patient and understanding and modeling for me how to live a life following Christ.”

Chay closed the ceremony by asking everyone to continue to remember him in their prayers and he promised to continue to strive for excellence in all aspects of his life. Everyone celebrated with him by attending a food and fellowship gathering afterwards.

Chay is the son of Charles and Betsy Oswalt. He is the grandson of Smokey and Sammie Oswalt and Dulphy and Martha Wilson, all of Ackerman. He is a member of Providence Baptist Church, but would like to thank the Ackerman Methodist Church for sponsoring and chartering Boy Scout Troop 41.