FFA members attend 212 degrees Conference

By Samantha Makamson, Chapter Reporter

Two- hundred and twelve degrees is the boiling point of water.

Though two- hundred and eleven is quite hot and has the potential to boil, it’s not until it reaches two- hundred and twelve degrees that it begins to boil.

FFA members are urged to push past their limits to the boiling point of leadership. Eight students of Ackerman High School FFA attended the 212° Leadership Conference on January 11-12 at the MS FFA Center in Raymond.

These eight FFA members were Tyler McClain, Blake Wells, Jean Ann Brock, Alex Ivy, Ginny Beth Ivy, Macie Cook, Philip Evans, and Libby Dewberry.

In order for students to reach their goals they have to reach their full potential.

This conference also encourages students to not only reach their goals, but to also grow their leadership skills. 212° was an enjoyable learning opportunity for all eight first year members of the Ackerman FFA Chapter.

The Ackerman High School FFA Chapter plans to attend next year.