Supes discuss med control, training for volunteer firefighters

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Med control and medical training for volunteer firefighters was discussed in the December 10 meeting of the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors.

Weir Fire Department Chief Anthony McGee addressed the supervisors asking them why med control has not been established for Choctaw County firefighters.

“You’re asking firefighters to go on med calls when the Good Samaritan Law does not cover them. When the tone goes off, the law goes out the window,” said McGee.

He added that firefighters can only perform procedures they are certificated or trained on.

District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, explained that the supervisors have been working with MedStat, the county’s ambulance service provider, to get med control for the firefighters. They discussed previous meetings and discussions about med control and MedStat.

McIntire said the county is waiting to hear from Barry Eskridge, CEO of MedStat.

McGee also said that a person that is covered under med control at work, such as the coal mine, or with North Mississippi in Webster County, are not covered when they are not functioning in that area. A person/firefighter is only covered under med control in Choctaw County with MedStat.

The supervisors directed Chris Coleman, county fire coordinator, to contact MedStat about the med control.

McGee also said that WFD and other county firefighters would like to have more medical training so that they can help more when responding to medical calls. McIntire said the Board of Supervisors has never said no to training for the volunteer firefighters. They asked Coleman to look into the training.

Also in their meeting the supervisors discussed the proposed economic development partnership and how to fund it this year with the Choctaw County Economic Development District Board. No action was taken on the interlocal agreement to enter into the four county economic development partnership.

The board also discussed their budget before closing the meeting.

The Board of Supervisors also approved: -To add Mid Winter Conference, Nature Chem, Mike Thomas of the Red Hills Mine, POM and the budget to the agenda before approving it. -Listed homestead deletions and corrections as requested by Lori Kerr, tax assessor/collector. -To review bids received for the fly over mapping in the December 28 meeting that is required to be performed to update the county maps. -Registration for the Mid Winter Conference for the Board of Supervisors, board attorney and clerk. -Registration for the Coroner’s Mid Winter Conference for the coroner. -Invoice from Taylor Power for the new hospital generator and transfer switches for $300,000 and to forward invoice to Hancock Bank for payment. -Invoice from Watkins & Eager Law Firm for $19,624 for legal fees from May to November in the Choctaw Gas Generation case. -To pay for law enforcement liability and bonds. -To send Bubba Hudspeth a letter asking for payment to Choctaw County on his previous MDA loan. -The resignation of the Hospital Board of Trustees since according to statute there is no need for the board since the hospital has been leased. -Invoices from Crowder Engineering with state reimbursement funds. -Authority for clerk to accept lowest bids on listed items needed to purchase for the new medical office building. -To recognize a letter from Diane Pyron, inventory clerk, stating that the misplaced hospital stretcher has been located. -Inventory deletions. -Line of credit with Bank of Kilmichael for inventory purchases for the new medical office building and new hospital. -To allow the part-time Solid Waste clerk to exceed 79.6 hours for the month of December. -Holidays for Choctaw County for December 24-25 and Dec.31-January 1 as declared by the Governor. -Recognize Sheriff Cloyd Halford’s hire of Barry Jo Miller, effective December 5. He moved Miller from part-time to full-time officer.