Santa Letters

French Camp Elementary Santa Letters Mrs. McDaniel’s and Mrs. Stephenson’s Pre-K Dear Santa, I would like some m&m’s. I want four teddy bears since I am four. I like the Littlest Pet Shops. I would like a Rudolph the red-nose reindeer toy. Please bring me some lipgloss. By: Kaelee Black, age 4

For Christmas I want a remote control airplane and some legos and a remote control helicopter and a monster truck. From Keohi Bol, age 4

For Christmas I want Spiderman toys, a shark boat with a shark, a pillow pet and a dream light and dinosaur toys. From: Seth Bridges, Age 4

Dear Santa Claus, I love you because you love everyone. Santa I want for Christmas a real Power Ranger sword, an ipod, some cars and a flying helicopter. I’ve been a very good boy this year and promise to be one next year. Don’t forget to bring my Momma some light bulbs so when she runs out she will have more. Love, Aiden Bright, age 4

Dear Santa, I would like a scooter and a Dora mermaid for Christmas. By Kaylin Chaney, age 4

Dear Santa, My name is DeNaria Coleman and for Christmas. I want a guitar and microphone. Also, I want a princess costume and a Barbie doll. Last some pink headphones to listen to music. Age 4

Dear Santa, I have been a good girl this year. Please bring me a nail dryer, pink lipstick, salon chair, pink eyeshadow, purple socks, hair dryer that is real, a real straightner and lots of makeup. I will leave you and the elves some cookies and milk. I love you! By Rowan Dean, age 4

Dear Santa, I want a castle and a toy alien, a toy sled. I want toy birds. I want legos. Please bring my Papaw some new tools. I want Mimi to have some new things for her to cut my hair. Bring my teacher a new paddle. I want a treehouse. Thank you. Merry Christmas. By Dylan Donald, age 5

I want Santa to get me a dirt bike, toy cars, 4-wheeler, and a power rangers and that’s all. By Samuel Dotson, age 5

Dear Santa, For Christmas this year I want a dump truck, fire truck, four wheeler and a train set. I have been good this year and I have cleaned my own room. Thanks! By Knicholas Going, age 4

Dear Santa, I would like a butterscotch pony and a lalaloopsy dollhouse. I have been very good this year. I will leave you milk and cookies. By Koleigh Reese Griffin, age 4

Dear Santa, Thank you so much for all the toys you made me last year. This year I would really like a Batman bike, a keypad, a dump truck and a bow and arrow to target practice. I will have some yummy cookies waiting on you. Love, Ryder Henderson, age 4

Dear Santa, Thank you for celebrating Jesus with me. I hope you can bring me 4 cookie makers for Christmas. When you reach my house it will be blue. I will leave some cookies on the table. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. Love, Blaise Kerner, age 4

Dear Santa, Please bring me all the power rangers, the power rangers samurai deluxe gear, a DS with some games for it and a white power ranger suit. Also a new power ranger movie. Have a safe trip and a very merry Christmas. P.s. please don’t forget my brother cody. Love you, Colin McGary, age 4

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is a big wheel and a baby doll and clothes and shoes. Love, Imarion Miller, age 4

Dear Santa, I have been good all year and I would like a guiter, a leap frog, computer, a mp3 player and lots of clothes and shoes. I will leave you lots of milk and cookies. Thank you, Makiya Miller, age 5

Dear Santa, How are you? I would like a princss castle with a king, queen, princess and horses. Thank you, Erionna Murphy

Dear Santa, This is Laura-Brooke Myers, age 4, I would like a trampoline. I’d like a blow up tree. I want a big big big big big jumpy castle for kaydence and me. I know where I can put it. Merry Christmas! Love, Laura Brooke Myers

Dear Santa, This is a letter from Preston. Santa Clause, can I have…um…I don’t know what I want. Can you make toys with your hands? If you can, I think maybe a digger, please. The end. Preston Rushing, age 4

Dear Santa, I have been good. Please bring me an easal, coloring books, and a baby doll. My brother has been kind of good so bring him an elephant and pacifiers. Thank you and be careful. By Bella Stanford, age 4

Mrs. Box & Mrs. Burchfield Kindergarten Class

Dear Santa, I have tried to be a good boy. I would like a wii-u and a remote controlled Thomas the train and a blue whoopee cushion. Thank you! Love, Knox Barlow, age 5

Dear Santa, I would like a orbee lady yg American girl doll, cuddle puppet and art supplies. Thank you love, Kami Beard, age 5

Dear Santa, I would like a makeup set, American girl dol, cuddlupppet and art supplies, thank you! Love, Kate Beard, age 5

Dear Santa, This is what I want for Christmas. A doll house, some Barbie dolls, a dog with a bed, dol clothes, paint and canvases and an American doll. I love you, santa. Love, Kelsey Bridges, age 6

Dear Santa, I want an IPod, IPad. I like you. I want a picture with you. I want you to see my Christmas tree. I have been very good. Love, Dawson Bright, age 5

Dear Santa, I want for Christmas, I want some clothes, nike shoes, a bike, a Nintendo dsi game or a wii game and a spiderman watch. Thank you santa, Gary Brown, age 5

Dear Santa, I would like a Barbie doll and a Barbie car. By Ellie Bouillion, age 6

Dear Santa, I would like a playstation 3, monster truck, wii games, electric basketball scoreboard. I am going to do my very best to be good for my mom and teacher. Thank you Santa. Love, Elmar Gladney, age 5

Dear Santa, I hope you bring me some nail polish, a playhouse, a Barbie car. I wat some santa snow. I need vaccum cleaner to help my mom clean. I want a music player. Thanks santa and I have been a good girl. I love you! By Kinsley Goins, age 5

Dear Santa, Thank you for the gifts you brought last year. I would really like an elf to play with. Do you have any extra elves at the north pole? When you come to my house this year I will have some milk and cookies waiting for you. See you soon. Love, Baylee Henderson, age 6

I would like you to bring me an easy bake oven, a salon with a salon chair and a pillow pets dream lite. I will have cookies and milk waiting on you and some food for the reindeer too. By Madison Henderson, age 5

I have been a good boy. I want a moster truck and a bike and a video game. By Christian Johnson, age 5

I want a Barbie doll and baby doll house. I would also like a dress with a bracelet. Love, Lanaa Lane, age 5

For Christmas I want a Barbie doll. I would also likje a dress with matching earrings and crown. Love, Sanaa Lane, age 5

I have been a good boy this year. I want a dirt bike game for the wii and some cars, trucks and a parking garage. I like to draw so I would like some art supplies. Please bring my babysister, adilyn, a doll. I love you, Santa and will leave you some milk and cookies. By Jon Leach, age 6

Dear Santa, Please come to my house. Please some and see my Mom too! I would like a princess Barbie, Barbie car, tea set, flowers, phone, shoes and a baby doll. I will leave out milk and cookies for you!! Love, Olivia Massie, age 5

I want a flying Pegasus and a TV and a cell phone. Love, Charlotte Paladino, age 5

I would like a trampoline, DS game and bulldozer, a slip and slide. I have ben really good this y ear. I will leave your cookies on the table. Love, Ty Rainey, age 6

I want a Barbie doll and a pet cat a toy tell for and a pogo stix. By: Ellen Ulerich

I wish I had a horse and a dirt bike. I also want a red bicycle and some farm animals. I have been good. Thank you Santa. By Caden Ward, age 6

Mrs. Henderson’s 1st Grade Class

Dear Santa, Please bring me a Barbie Hair Salon, a Leap Pad and an Easy Bake Oven. Thank you Santa! Eden Box

I hope you and Mrs. Clause have a fun time at the North Pole. Please tell Mrs. Claus that she cooks really well. Love, Chloe Tharp

I would like a trampoline, a bigger play house, a Barbie doll. Love Kaydence Myers

I would like a crown. I want a teddy bear and a doll thank you, Santa, Love, Maggie Ulerich

All I want for Christmas is an Xbox 360 with games, a gun that shoots marbles, Halo man, an alien ninja turtle and a nerf gun. Thanks, Trysten Kelly

For Christmas I want a stompez light up pillow pet, slushy maker, Lalaloopsy doll, and a bike. Thank you. Love, Madison Murphy

I would like my birthstone ring and a bike for Christmas. Your friend, Ann-Marie Boulioun

I wish I had a 410 gun. Love, Landon Rushing

I really, really, really want is a Reborn baby doll, or a computer. I would like for everybody to be nice to each other and get along for everybody to be safe. I would also like a new puppy because I had to give my dog, Hurley, away. Love, Leilani Bol

I want a DS and a lego kit with men. I also want a new ninja turtle. Love, Nicholas Velcek

I have been very good boy. All I want for Christmas is a 4-wheeler. Love Jalarium Baber

My name is Destiney. I have beena good girl. All I want for Christmas is a pink DS with lots of games. Also I want a bike. Thanks. Love, Destiney Jackson

I want a gun with bullet, a shaving kit, a nerf gun, a fake motor cycle, a 4-wheeler and a tree house. Love, Dylan Black

I have been a good boy. I want a PSP, a DSI, a black bike, a phone, and a slushy Magic. Love, Christopher Johnson

I want a DS, a bike and elves. I will give you cookies. Love, Allie Chesser

All I want for Christmas is a turkey bell car and a IPhone. Also I would like some ew clothes and shoes. Love, Karmesha Williams

I want a DS, a Tablet, a phone, computer and a doll. Thanks! Love, Isis Hemphill

My name is My’Angel Miller, and I have been a very good little girl this year. I would like a guitar, baby doll, MP3 player, clothes, shoes, baby doll house and a Leap Frog computer so I can keep learning I guess that is all I want this year. I will leave milk and cookies. Love, My’Angel Miller

I want a cell phone, skateboard, clear rain boots, football, soccer ball and a pillow pet for my niece. Love, Jeremiah Beeman

I want an IPad, BB gun, Madden 13 and a Iphone. Love, Logan Shearer

My name is Zarihya Moncrief. I would like to have a baby doll with everything, a phone and a puppy. Thanks, Zarihya Moncrief.

I have some cookies, milk, and cocoa. You can use our microwave. If you could please bring me a horse and a stage coach. Love, Russell Leonard

I want an air soft gun, skateboard, real little puppy to sleep with me. BB gun with a scope, skateboard ramp, xplodders 3 and wii u. love, Caleb Nail

I would like a little fridge, recliner, nerf machine gun. My sister wants a doll house and some makeup. Love, Luke Bryan

I want a new gameboy and a phone. Love, Garin Mitchell

Mrs. Morgan’s 2nd Grade Class

Dear Santa, I want a bike, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, eye ball candy. For my mom a box with a $100. Love, Jakendrick Jabari

I would like a lego set, binoculars, basketball, alarm, hunting clothes and a bike. I have been good this year. Love, Kason Rainey

For Christmas I want a jewelry box, makeup set, books about Angry Birds, One Direction, Taylor Swift, Lama Lama Holiday, Wildlife, Barbie dolls, a baby doll, a golf card, laptop and Lalaloopsy doll. Love, Cadence Steed

I would like a leap pad. Love, Kyston Pender

I would like to have a XBOX 360, 4-wheeler, dirt bike, wii, clothes, shoes, nut cracker. I will leave milk and those things you call cookies. Love, Mi’Quavious Miller

I have been a good girl. I would like you to bring me a Barbie, a DS and a Wii. Could you also bring my mom a ring? My dad a bike? Love, Akuria Baber

I want a girly 4th generation DS game, some cowgirl boots, Love, Lizzy Campbell

I want a football, binoculars, troll set of Lord of the Rings. Love, Connor Paladino

I want a bike, Xbox360, a wii, playstation 2, Nintendo DS, WWE game for the Xbox and racing game for the Wii. Love, Gregory Scott

For Christmas I want Ryback WWE action figures, Chris Jericho wrestler and Psycho cycle. Love, James Johnson

I want a poster of Tim Tebow, The Steelers and MSU. Love, Jase Medina

I want a yellow and white kitten, some makeup, easy bake oven and some easy bake food and a toy cat. Love, Allie Campbell

All I want for Christmas is a pink Nintendo DS. Love, Leslie Fleming

I want a Barbie, electric scooter, baby sister for Christmas. Love, Sarah Beth Ragsdale

I would like a laptop, 4-wheeler, Call of Duty, and to spend time with my family and friends. Love, Nick Winters

I want a dirt bike, $1000, 4-wheeler, computer, Madden 13, my jersey signed by Tyler Russell. Love, Brady Turnipseed

I would like a Y-Fliker, air soft gun, orange bb’s for air soft gun, MS uniform, FCA helmet and Nintendo 3 DS games, Love, Luke Beard