Live demo teaches electrical safety

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Being aware of the dangers of electricity could possibly save a person’s life. Construction Trades students at the Choctaw County Career and Technology Center learned of these dangers in a live demonstration from the 4-County Hot Line Demo Team.

The team said they want students and adults to be aware of the dangers of electricity to try to prevent injuries and incidents from happening.

During the demonstration, Joe Miller taught the students about each part of an electric pole, electrical lines, and transformers and how each one works. Other members of the Hot Line Demo team used the truck and demonstration poles to help the students see what Miller was teaching.

The Construction Trades students also learned safety standards about right-of-ways, line loss and what happens when things such as animals and trees touch a live electrical line.

The demo team showed what happens when a “transformer blows” while Miller explained how the fuse is what actually blows. He said that’s one reason why linemen have to come out to the transformer, change the fuse and turn the power back on.

The most visual demonstration by the Hot Line Team was using a hotdog to simulate what happens when a person’s bare hand touches a live electrical line while standing on the ground. The hotdog immediately caught on fire. Miller said the high voltage of the line cooks whatever touches it inside out, like a microwave.

Members of the 4-County Hot Line Demo Team are Stephen Quinn, Johnathan Tuggle, Tim Adkins and Joe Miller.