Red Ribbon Week at WAC

By Staff and Press Reports

Students at Weir Attendance Center enjoyed an eventful Red Ribbon Week, October 29-November 2. The theme was “Be-Weir of Drugs” and there were many activities taking place all over campus. Also, each day the students could dress in the theme of the day and show their support of being drug-free.

Some of the activities during the week included:

-Mrs. Fleming from R.A.T. (Reject all Tobacco) came and talked with the elementary students on October 29. -On October 30, Dave Yauk, from Starkville School District Family Centered Programs, spoke to the high school students about reasons why they turn to drugs and how they need to know they are worthy of a better future than drugs. -SGT Epps, ROTC instructor, was in Mrs. Worrell’s classes on October 31. -The Walten’s Acrobatic and Performing Dog Show performed for the elementary students on November 1. They presented an excellent program of motivation and the importance of practice and staying focused. -The elementary held a poster contest and the winners of that were Mrs. Talley’s kindergarten class and Mrs. Hall’s 6th grade homeroom.