CCSD receives Lantern Award

Submitted by CCSD

On November 12–13 the Mississippi School Boards Association held its Fall Leadership Conference in Jackson. Four Choctaw County School Board members attended the two day conference and brought home the Lantern Award for Choctaw County School District.

The Mississippi School Board Association (MSBA) established the Lighthouse School Leader awards program at the beginning of the 2003-2004 School Year in recognition of the efforts of school districts to meet more rigorous state and federal accountability standards. The Lighthouse School Leader Awards Program, in partnership with PREPS (Program of Research and Evaluation for Public Schools), sponsors three awards:

-The Beacon Award Criteria: The district received a letter grade “A” (Star) under the Mississippi Department of Education’s accountability standards.

-The Lantern Award Criteria: The district received a letter grade “B” (High Performing) by MDE accountability standards, with no schools below a letter grade of “C” (Successful).

-The Torch Award Criteria: The district has 90% or more of its students who qualify for free or reduced lunch under federal guidelines, with no school graded “F” and at least one school graded “B” (High Performing) by MDE accountability standards.

Mississippi has 156 school districts. Three of these districts were awarded the Beacon Award; thirty-one districts received the Lantern Award; four districts received the Torch Award. Choctaw County was among those who were awarded the Lantern Award! In the nine years that these awards have been given, this is the first time CCSD has qualified to receive one of the awards! At the Board meeting on November 13, the School Board commended Choctaw County teachers and administrators for their dedication and hard work that led to this achievement.