The Civil War – New prospect grays history

By C.J. Johnson

The following originally appeared in the Plaindealer in April 1956. It was taken from Chapter 42 of History of Winston County, written by William T. Lewis, and published in 1876. Originally, the New Prospect community was in Winston County; in 1874, parts of northern Winston County were moved to Choctaw County.

“In 1861, a volunteer Company was organized for the Confederate War at New Prospect, Mississippi which was then in Winston County. The Company, called ‘New Prospect Grays.’ They left for the seat of the War on the 26th of August 1861, and rendezvoused at Enterprise. After leaving Enterprise the Company went to Warrington Navy Yard near Pensacola, Florida and was placed in charge of a battery of three siege pieces. They were well versed in artillery drill.

The following are the names of the Officers when they left: John Weir, Captain – wounded at Shiloh and Franklin. John Quarles, First Lt. – resigned. William J. Hanna, Second Lt. – was wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia and Spring Hill. J. Robert Moore, Third Lt. – was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Ales T. Hanna, First Sgt. – died at Pensacola, Florida. In his death the Company sustained an irreparable loss. He was a gallant soldier, a true patriot, and a Christian gentleman. Alex. Y. Thompson, Second Sgt. – was wounded at Franklin, Tennessee and died. D. F. Porter, Third Sgt. J. Mike Turnipseed, Fourth Sgt. – lost a leg at Tanner’s Ferry, Georgia. [page torn off], Fifth Sgt.

John Couch, First Corporal – discharged, Pensacola, Florida. W. S. Gladney, Second Corporal – died at Hospital in Georgia. William Griffin, Third Corporal – died at Corinth, Mississippi. John McKinley, Fourth Corporal – was discharged.

After the Battle of Shiloh, Captain Weir was promoted for his gallantry to the office of Major over two Senior Captains. At the reorganization of the Regiment, he was elected Colonel. J. Robert Moore, Captain; William J. Hanna, First Lt.; W. A. Ford, Second Lt.; W. W. Blain, Third Lt. In 1864 J. Robert Moore was promoted over two Senior Captains to the office of Major.

Privates: Charles Ashford – discharged at Pensacola, Florida. John Anderson. Richard B. Blackwood – killed Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Augustus G. Barmore – died at Knoxville, Tennessee. W. W. Blain – wounded at Chickamauga. George W. Blain. Newton Baker – killed by a collision of a Railroad train in 1863. R. J. Ball. Warren Black. Samuel Black. J. Bennett. Thomas Black. Van Black. Wilson Blain – killed Tanner’s Ferry, Georgia.

Wesley Blain – killed Peach Tree Creek, Georgia. William Blain – died in Hospital in Georgia. William Bonds – died during the Kentucky Campaign. C. Blackwood. Napolean Burks – died in Hospital. Joseph Barron. James Barmore – killed Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

E. A. Catledge. J. W. Catledge – wounded Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Alexander Catledge – wounded and died at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Neil Campbell – killed at Shiloh. John Caldwell – killed Missionary Ridge. Henry Coleman. Richard Crisman – wounded at Franklin and died in Hospital in Georgia. Albert Childress – deserted at Missionary Ridge. John Cook. William McCatledge – lost an arm at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia and died.

George W. Dean – He was the greatest traveler in the Company, and was the first man in the Company that learned the movements of the command in the fight at Murfreesboro, Tennessee where [he] had a part of a cuff of his coat shot off. He remarked to some of his comrades that he ‘could now tell his sweetheart that he had shed his blood for her’, but when the examination was made it was ascertained that it was only a part of a cuff of his old coat that was lost and no blood. He, however, acted gallantly in the fight at Missionary Ridge, where he killed the Federal Colour Bearer, as they charged our lines. He also, in the fight at Shiloh, killed the Federal Soldier who killed John Alfred Moore of Captain Comfort’s Company.

H. G. Dempsey – deserted near Marietta, Georgia. Marion Dempsey – died at Corinth, Mississippi. H. P. Dotson – deserted at Dalton, Georgia. S. W. Ford – discharged at Pensacola, Florida. W. A. Ford – wounded in the head. Henry Fuller – missing at Chickamauga, Georgia – never heard of. Samuel Griffin. Samuel Gordan – wounded at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. W. Gordan. William Green – killed Tanner’s Ferry, Georgia. Thomas Green – wounded Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Charles Gladney. Joseph Griffin. William Griffin – died at Corinth, Mississippi. William S. Hanna, Jr. – wounded at Kennesaw Mountain, Georgia and Spring Hill, killed at Chickamauga. E. Hunt – discharged at Pensacola, Florida. J. S. Horton – discharged at Pensacola, Florida. James Hendricks –wounded at Chickamauga. A. Harris. John Harris – wounded at Peach Tree Creek and died at home. James Hutchinson.

John Hutchinson – captured at Franklin, Tennessee and sent to Camp Douglas, Illinois. George Jayroe – wounded at Shiloh and Franklin. Sgt. James W. Johnson – was promoted for his gallantry after the Battle of Shiloh, was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and lost an arm at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia. J. M. Johnson – was appointed ensign and was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tennessee and Spring Hill. [This history will be continued in the next article.]