Nontraditional students at CCCTC

By Press Reports

At Choctaw County Career & Technology Center, there are many nontraditional students. A nontraditional student is defined as one who is enrolled in a class where 75 percent or more of the students are of the other gender.

For example, a male student enrolled in Health Sciences or Design Technology for Fashion and Interiors would be considered a nontraditional student. A female enrolled in Construction: Carpentry, Agricultural Power Machinery Operations, Engineering, or Agricultural & Environmental Science Technology would be a nontraditional student. The instructors at CCCTC welcome these students into their classes, and the students usually perform very well.

This is due in part to the fact that the vocational courses offer students their first step into a career of their own choosing. Students who are surrounded by a school environment supportive of nontraditional career choices are more likely to participate and succeed in nontraditional career areas.

Students from Ackerman High School, Weir Attendance Center, and French Camp Academy are eligible for participation in courses at CCCTC.