Congressman Nunnelee to attend ribbon cutting

By Press Reports

Choctaw County Economic Development District in conjunction with the Regional Economic Partnership of Mississippi is pleased to announce that Congressman Alan Nunnelee, representing Mississippi’s First Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives, will be present at the ribbon cutting for Quantum Choctaw Power, LLC, in Ackerman, on October 22 at 1:45 p.m. All media are invited to join Congressman Nunnelee and the management of Quantum Choctaw Power, LLC, for this celebration.

“Quantum Utility Generation, the new owner of Quantum Choctaw Power, is pleased to be a new enterprise that is actively investing in the Choctaw County community.” said Larry Kellerman, Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Utility Generation. “Highly-efficient natural gas- fired generation like Quantum Choctaw Power can be a vital driver of economic stability and growth in the Northern Mississippi region, especially as we focus on contracting its output to regional utilities under predictable long-term sales agreements beginning in early 2013. Creating awareness among local, state and federal stakeholders about the significant economic and environmental benefits of contracted natural gas-fired generation is critical to ensuring the long-term viability of Quantum Choctaw Power in its roles as a cost-effective power producer, a large employer of local professionals and a source of meaningful tax payments to the local community.”

“Projects like Quantum are what we as Economic Developers look for in community partners,” said Nick Walters, who directs Choctaw County’s Economic Development efforts. “Choctaw County and its new momentum with REPMS looks forward to celebrating Quantum Choctaw Power’s new investment in Mississippi and Choctaw County.”