Twentieth Century Club members enjoy program on making Christmas ornaments

By Donna McKay, Club Reporter

The Ackerman Twentieth Century Club met Thursday, September 20, 2012 at the Choctaw County Library with nine members present. Club member Cherrie Robison was the hostess for the evening.

President Susan Shurden called the meeting to order and welcomed the club’s newest member, Belinda Vowell. After a delicious meal, the August minutes were read and approved.

The Executive Committee made the following recommendations and were approved by the club: to adopt the Distinguished Young Women budget that was set forth; to adopt the Community Improvement Project entitled “Paws to Support the Choctaw County Animal Shelter” presented by Donna McKay; honorary membership for Clara Willliams and make payment for a digital club emblem.

Yearbook Committee Chair, Jeanith Burdine, passed out yearbooks. Membership Chair, Ginny Lucas, presented Belinda Vowell with a tote, notebook and pin. Ginny also reminded members how one shoe changed Cinderella’s life and that volunteering can change others’ lives as well. JoAnne Reid won the membership prize. Fundraising Chair, Tinker Forrester, collected Innisbrook orders and announced that there would be a top prize. Tinker also announced that the club would be selling Christmas Parade t-shirts, along with the Christmas Brunch fundraiser which will take place December 8th.

Education Chairman, JoAnne Reid, encouraged members to bring pajamas for children to the October meeting and to save coke tops. She also announced that she had given out the writing contest information to the elementary teachers. Cherrie Robison presented a motion and it was passed that the club support the Chamber of Commerce’s Trunk or Treat event on October 30th. PSP Chairman, Jeanith Burdine, passed out a notice from the newspaper that announced a mobile health clinic for Veterans and members were encouraged to inform Veterans in our county.

In leadership, a motion was made, seconded, and carried to adopt a brag time in which members would pay a dollar to brag and call it “Good Things”. All money will be donated for dollars for delegates. It was announced that the local librarian needed readers for the Head Start groups that would be visiting the library and Tinker Forrester, Johnie Power and JoAnne Reid all agreed to be a reader.

Program Leader Tinker Forrester led members in an art program on decorating Christmas ornaments with Mod Podge and decorative paper. Jeanith Burdine provided members with a meditation on treating your Bible like your cell phone. Johnie Power displayed a “Bloom Where You Are Planted” display, and each member received a potted chrysanthemum. After a time of decorating Christmas ornaments, the club was dismissed.