Local flea market participants needed

Many of our communities have volunteered in the program “Turning the Tide on Poverty” with great strides being met! We have an exciting new program to announce! With cooperation between Broken Wings in Ackerman and Mississippi Cooperative Extension Service, the Buy USA/ Choctaw County committee is looking for local artists, crafters, growers, home businesses, etc. to begin our own Flea Market in Choctaw County!

With everyone’s participation it is our hope to grow this Flea Market into a profitable venue for our surrounding counties. But to be able to proceed, we need to hear from you-artists, crafters and growers. For a brief form, registration and contact information email Juli Hughes at jhughes@ext.msstate.edu or call Kay Blake at 285-9133.

On this form please include: name, address, telephone, what you sell and any special needs, such as electricity, that is requested. Also, we would like your input as to how often you would like to participate in the market: annually, bi-annually, seasonally or monthly.

We have projected early November for the first Flea Market. Please submit your information by September 29. Also, if you have friends in surrounding counties who can participate, please notify them. This will be the beginning of a fun and profitable event of us all.