MFWC State President speaks at Ackerman 20th Century Club meeting

By Donna McKay, Club Reporter

The Ackerman Twentieth Century Club met on Thursday, August 16, 2012 at the Ackerman Library with 11 members and 2 guests present. Before the meeting began the members enjoyed a potluck meal after Joanne Reid offered the blessing. Hostesses for the evening were the Hospitality Committee.

President Susan Shurden recognized Program Leader Jeanith Burdine. Jeanith called on Cherrie Robinson to offer the meditation. In the meditation, Cherrie read how it is important that we take care of ourselves, think positive, and be satisfied with what we have. Donna McKay was recognized to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Jeanith Burdine then introduced our guest speaker, MFWC State President Suzanne Bryd Poyner. President Poyner started off her program by asking the club members to choose their favorite piece of gum out of a basket. She then told us our personality characteristics based on the flavor of gum we chose. As her special project, President Poyner has chosen to focus on Veterans and Servicemen and women. Soldiers are very close to her heart, due to the fact that her father was a Veteran. President Poyner asked that we reach out to our local VA and to also lend a helping hand to military families that currently have

overseas. She handed out flyers and pamphlets that provided the members with ideas that we could use to reach out. President Shurden present MFWC President, Suzanne Poyner with a check to use towards her project and Jeanith Burdine presented President Poyner with a gift of appreciation.

Jeanith Burdine then recognized Alyssa Pearson. Alyssa was the HOBY representative for Ackerman High School. Alyssa discussed how much she enjoyed HOBY (Hugh O’Brien Leadership Conference) and that she hopes to accumulate 100 hours so she can return to be a Jr. Staffer in the future. Marina Loper discussed her display board about Quilts for Kids and how she has completed several and is working on others. Cherrie Robinson discussed her display board on women’s health and the importance of yearly checkups.

Courtney Coleman read 3 correspondences. Joanne Reid handed out the proposed budget in the absence of Treasurer Johnie Power. The Executive Committee made several recommendations and all were passed.

Committee reports were presented to the club. Ginny Lucas informed the club that Alison Cooper received a $500.00 Fitness Preliminary at the State DYW Program.

Belinda Vowell was accepted as a new member.

Chairman reports: Public Policy and Legislation Chairman Donna McKay showed a picture of Tinker Forrester, Alan Nunnelee and herself that was in The Choctaw Plaindealer. She also reminded the club of the Republican National Convention on August 27th-30th. Arts Chairman Tinker Forrester informed the club about the Choctaw County Central Office displaying art from school district students. Joanne Reid informed the club that the Writing Contest letters were ready to be sent to the Ackerman students. Pencils will be given to the students who participate. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, November 28th.

The meeting adjourned and the club members enjoyed an array of desserts.