Supervisors approve to finish out PT area

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Finishing out the physical therapy area of the new medical office building was discussed again in two Choctaw County Board of Supervisor meetings.

In the August 13 meeting, Steve Fontaine with Pioneer Health Systems, and the board discussed whether or not the board is going to pay to finish out the physical therapy area at the medical office building.

If Pioneer is required to finish out the PT area, with their funds, they say they will lower the lease payment to the county.

“We lower our payment on the MOB (medical office building) to get PT done, about a $40,000 a year reduction,” said Fontaine.

He also reminded the board of the upcoming bond payments.

“Lease money from Pioneer goes to the bond, if we lower the lease payment then the county has to make up that revenue stream,” said Fontaine.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers said that the county signed the MOB lease which said it would have a finished PT area.

The board took no action in this meeting but in their next meeting, August 14, Maxey Peterson with Pryor & Morrow brought the board an updated price of $281,984 to finish out the PT area. After a short discussion the board approved to finish out the PT area in the MOB.

Also in the August 13 meeting the supervisors discussed the budget for the 2012-2013 FY. District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, said he believes the county will make it without having to borrow funds from the tax anticipation note.

“Estimate the General Fund by February will be short $150,000 and that’s not taking in any dime between now and January,” said McIntire. He added that receipts from the same time period last year brought in $450,000.

McIntire said that while working on the budget he added the $800,000 in budget for the hospital bond sinking fund that has to be in place by March 2014.

“Barring a disaster, I think we’re gonna make it,” said McIntire.

District 4 Supervisor David Carter, also vice president of the board, added, “When you look at the budget there will not be any inflation. Every department has to manage not just the board.”

The supervisors held a budget workday meeting on August 14 with all supervisors present to work on the budget.

The board briefly discussed an economic development resolution in their August 13 meeting. The resolution would join Choctaw, Webster and Montgomery Counties in an economic development agreement. Steve Wright, board attorney, said there are too many unanswered terms at this time.

“More things need to be flushed out before we jump in,” said Wright.

McIntire said the Choctaw County Economic Development recently approved that they would pay the required $40,000 a year instead of the county paying that fee.

No action was taken at this time.

The Board of Supervisors also approved the following in their August 13 meeting: -To transfer $5,000 to Simpson Fire Department as a loan to help purchase a set of Jaws of Life. Simpson FD will pay back the funds each year out of their annual funds from the county. -Travel for Libby Beard, accounting clerk, to Tupelo to a free health insurance seminar. -School bus turnaround on Reed Road in District 2. -To closeout the ARC sprinkler project at the current hospital that was complete a few years ago. -Authority for Marty Crowder, county engineer, to advertise for bids on the Maddox Road Project upon receipt of notification from the state.

August 6 board meeting The Board of Supervisors will loan Simpson Fire Department $5,000 to help them purchase a set of Jaws of Life that costs $15,000. Smith Raybourn, Simpson FD chief, said Quantum Energy recently donated $5,000 and the department has raised $5,000.

He asked the board if they would loan $5,000 and allow the department to pay back the funds through donations and from their share of annual funds the county gives to each fire department every year. The supervisors approved the request.

Mike Thomas with the Red Hills Mine asked the board to approve their petition to close Prewitt, McIntire and East Clear Springs Roads for mining purposes. After making sure landowners in that area would have access to their land, the supervisors accepted the petition and set a public hearing date for August 31.

The board discussed the ongoing tax issue with Choctaw Generation then heard an objection from Choctaw Generation to their land roll taxes for 2012.

The supervisors also approved the following: -Inventory deletions -Solid Waste deletions and postage request -Travel for District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire to Tupelo for a meeting. -Claim from Pryor & Morrow for $11,039.66 to be paid out of the hospital bonds. -AT&T utility permit on Raybourn Road -To de-obligate the 2009 FY funds from the FFA, as requested from the FFA, since the county has no plans to use those funds at this time. -To advertise for bids to replace Pigeon Roost Bridge in District 2. The county received federal funds to replace the bridge. -To close the land roll objection hearing.