Burton addresses parents at Weir Open House

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Shane Burton, Weir Attendance Center principal, addresses parents, students and staff during the recent WAC Open House. Burton is beginning his first year as principals at WAC. He has taught and coached for almost 20 years with one year experience as an assistant principal.

During the Open House, Burton explained that he taught most of his career at Ackerman High School but said, “I do understand Weir tradition.”

He mentioned the possibility of restructuring the schools but reminded everyone this school year they are Weir Attendance Center.

“We are Weir Attendance Center, will be all year long and will do everything as Weir Attendance Center,” said Burton. As principal, he told the crowd that he believes in discipline, following the handbook and holding kids accountable. He urged the parents to become involved in their child’s school. During the meeting, Burton asked for input on art in the classrooms. He asked if they wanted it and what they wanted.

Burton cited a big change, that in-school suspension or ISD for grades 7-12 will be at AHS instead of WAC. Students in ISD will be bussed to AHS and return to WAC on the last bus.

He also warned parents that if they place their child on the no paddle list then he has no choice but to send them to ISD. “My hands are tied for the minor infractions,” said Burton, if the child is on the no paddle list.

He ended the meeting discussing how excited he is for the school year and he is ready to get started.