DYW Cooper prepares for state program in Meridian

By Ellen Graves
The Choctaw Plaindealer
Choctaw County’s Distinguished Young Woman Alison Cooper gave a glimpse of what will happen at the state program in Meridian during her trunk show that was held Friday, July 13 at the Ackerman Baptist Church Family Life Center.  The preliminaries for the state program will be Thursday, July 19 and Friday, July 20 in Meridian.
Twentieth Century Club member Ginny Lucas explained why a trunk show is held before the state program.
“If people can’t make it to the state program, they can come show their support at the trunk show and see what happens at Meridian and what types of clothes she will be taking,” said Lucas.
Cooper modeled several outfits that she will be wearing at all the activities in Meridian including her self-expression dress and her opening number outfit.  Cooper also performed her talent,which is a contemporary ballet dance to the song “The Words I Would Say” by the Sidewalk Prophets.  
This year is the first year the contestants have been able to learn the fitness routine before going to Meridian.  Cooper received her fitness routine DVD at orientation in April and has been practicing the routine in preparation for the program.
Lucas shared the basic itinerary of what Cooper would be doing once in Meridian.  Not only will Cooper have countless hours of practice to prepare for the program, but she will attend a judges party and be involved in a community service project at Love’s Kitchen.  
Since Cooper is in the Diamond Group, she will go to Love’s Kitchen on Tuesday, July 17 where she will help feed the hungry located in the Meridian area. The judges party will take place on Wednesday, July 18 and will give the contestants a chance to mingle with the program judges in a relaxed environment before the preliminary nights begin. 
While in Meridian, Cooper will stay with a host family that will help provide anything she might need during the week.  
“They are kinda like your parents for the week,” explained Choctaw County DYW alumna Alyce Tarver.
Cooper is contestant No. 2 and on Thursday night, July 19 she will perform her talent.  On Friday night, July 20 Cooper will be doing the self-expression and fitness portions of the competition.  Finals for the top ten selected in the program will be held Saturday night, July 21.  
“I’m just going down there to do my best and I hope to represent this wonderful county the best I can,” said Cooper.  
Cooper can receive best wishes in the form of cards, letters, emails, and flowers to her in care of:
Mississippi’s Distinguished Young Woman Program
Choctaw County’s Distinguished Young Woman-Alison Cooper
P.O. Box 582 2400 8th Street
Meridian, MS 39302
The Choctaw County Distinguished Young Woman Program is sponsored by the Twentieth Century Club.  
If you would like to view the Choctaw Plaindealer’s video of their interview with Alison Cooper, it will be posted on YouTube under the title “Choctaw County DYW 2013 Alison Cooper.”
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