School Board rejects FCE roof repair

By Ellen Graves and Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

The Choctaw County School Board rejected bids to repair the roof at French Camp Elementary until a full evaluation is made. In the July 2 board meeting, the board discussed the roof repair at FCE on the main building. They discussed where the leaks are and what exactly needed to be fixed to repair the roof.

The board also discussed that a full evaluation of the roof situation would be beneficial before moving forward on any roof repair. Thomas made a motion to reject the roof bids and delay roof repair until a full evaluation is made and all board members approved the motion.

The School Board also approved to rescind a previous motion to repair the FCE roof.

In a discussion about changes in supplements for coaches, Superintendent Glen Beard said that Paul Courtney will be replacing Danya Turner who resigned from the position. The board approved that Weir coaches’ supplements would be contingent on whether or not Weir has enough football players to form a football team for the upcoming 2012 season.

Superintendent Beard explained that he has heard of other schools in the state that have had this problem and that students were allowed to play football for a different school while attending their own school. If Weir does not have enough players, those decisions would “not be a school board thing, but would be left up to MHSAA,” said Beard.

The board also opened and approved 16th section hunting and fishing bids.

The School Board approved the following in the consent agenda: • Conference/Workshop requests o Judy Black-State Conference in Pearl. o AES-Melissa Burney-6th-8th grade Writing Project Collaboration in Oxford. o AHS-Robbie Denson to Common Core State Standards-Math in Jackson. o AHS-Corey Blaylock to Common Core Standards-LA in Jackson. o AHS-Sandy Hunt-Mississippi Writing Project. o CCCTC-Ronda Huffman-New Teacher Induction Workshop. o WAC-Martin, McMinn and Hall-Common Core Standards in Math in Hattiesburg. o WAC-Cheryl Doss-Common Core State Standards 9-12 in Jackson. o WAC-Sue Tarver to MHSAA Choral Directors’ Meeting-MHSAA in Clinton. o WAC-Miranda Reid-SATP Bootcamp in Clinton. • 16th Section release of leasehold interest on 16-17-10. • Renewal of insurances and the immediate payment thereof. • Declaration of vacant position fro Senior Army Instructor for 2012-2013 SY. • The transfer of staff members’ child/ren. • Teacher substitute lit for the 2012-2013 SY. • Permission to pay the 3 mill note interest and principal. • Payment of bonds for each public official who has purchasing authority and must be bonded. • The hosting of a counselor intern. • Salary corrections. • School fundraisers for the 2012-2013 SY. • Recommendation from Morgan Scribner concerning Medicare supplements and insurance. • Recommendation from Stacey Johnson to fix siding at FCE. • Purchase of TE21 Benchmark Tests. • Purchase of PD 360 and Observation 360. • Purchase of K-12 Reading/Literature textbooks. • Purchase of ELS Benchmark Assessments. • Request to renew CSpire contract. In the consent agenda, the School Board approved the following personnel changes: • Resignations of: o AHS-Brad Mitchell o AHS-Joshua Griffin o Danya Turner o Dalvia Mitchell • Hiring of: o Hannah Cross as choral instructor for FCE. o Kristy Mayo to fill AEST position. o Courtney Kirkman at FCE for 4th grade departmentalized class. o Rose Ford for 3rd grade at AES. o Nicole Dunavant for 4th grade at AES. o Bruce Morris as JROTC Senior Instructor at AHS. o Jamie Huffman for 9th grade English position at AHS. o Miranda Reid as high school English teacher/coach at WAC. o Carolyn Stevens as high school math teacher/coach at WAC. o Eric Lee as high school SPED/inclusion teacher for WAC. o Maisie Lee as elementary SPED/inclusion teacher at WAC. • Moving of: o Lisa Pruitt from 7th/8th grade self-contained to a departmentalized 4th grade position. o Marguerite McKnight from self-contained 4th grade teacher to TST/ Interventionist at FCE. o Cathy McClain from Reading Interventionist to 3rd grade at AES. o Mariann Beals from English II to Social Studies teaching position. o Tomeka Conerly from ICT I to 1st grade position. o Jennie Bridges from 5th grade to Secondary Social Studies teaching position. o Jewel Evans from Secondary SPED/Inclusion to ICT teaching position. o Shuni Coffey from Secondary English to 5th grade teaching position. o Paul Courtney from High School History to PE teaching position at WAC. • Transfer of Ellen McMullen from AES to WAC. • Transfer of Shellie Anderson from WAC to FCE. • Changes in supplements for coaches. • Hiring Virginia Bruce, Troy Fulce and Keith Cox as bus drivers. In the financial agenda, the School Board approved: • Docket of Claims. • Teacher substitute report. • Absentee report. • Financial statements. • Requests for fixed asset disposal. The School Board will meet Wednesday, July 18 for the budget public hearing. Then the board will meet Tuesday, July 30 to approve the budget.