Supervisors approve surgery room

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Hospital construction was one main topic of the June 29 Choctaw County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Maxey Peterson with Pryor & Morrow presented the board with a revised quote of $346,647 to change the procedure room to a surgery room in the new hospital. Peterson said he needs a decision soon because time is beginning to impact construction progress.

In a discussion about the changes, Peterson said the county has an estimated $200,000 left in the construction contingency funds. District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire, also board president, said those funds will be used to finish out the physical therapy area in the new medical office building.

“We are going to have to pay for it at the end (of construction). We are staring the 350 (thousand) in the face,” said McIntire.

District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers asked the board if they previously committed to the surgery room. They said they did.

The supervisors approved to change the procedure room in the new hospital to a surgery room at the quoted price of $346,647 with the exception of the request from the contractor for an additional 45 days.

The Board of Supervisors also discussed adding wireless internet to the new hospital and medical office building. Peterson said the price to add it to the hospital is $18,784 and $4,166 to the medical office building.

Chambers asked Steve Fontaine, with Pioneer Health Systems, who was at the meeting why they needed Wi-Fi.

He said that hospitals are now required to use electronic medical records or be penalized after a specific date. Fontaine said the Wi- Fi is needed at both locations due to this requirement.

He said in the meeting that PHS was willing to pay for the Wi-Fi installation by their contractors.

“Pioneer will pick up the costs,” said Fontaine. “We’re trying to help with the costs.”

The board also discussed making the county payroll direct deposit. Steve Montgomery, Chancery clerk, said M&F Bank would charge $6 per month plus 20 cents per transaction for direct deposit. He said it costs the county more than that to print payroll checks due to the required special paper and magnetic ink.

Montgomery said it costs the county an estimated $1.25 per payroll check to print. County employees would still receive a pay check stub. The board approved to move the payroll to direct deposit by July 31.

The supervisor also approved the following:

The program order for the 2013 Bridge Inspection by request of Marty Crowder, county engineer.

To appoint Crowder as bridge inspector to inspect scour critical bridges during flood warning and for that district to pay Crowder $200 per bridge inspection.

Utility agreements for the Maddox Road Bridge Replacement.

To transfer $32,915 from 001-General County to 126-Ambulance.

To transfer $19,000 from 014-Emergency Services to 097-E911.

Solid Waste deletions.

Inventory deletions.

Acknowledge letter from Joy Marshall appealing her Solid Waste hearing but took no further action.

Grant paperwork on the MDEQ Illegal dumpsite cleanup grant.

An exception to county part-time employees in an emergency situation. They may exceed the allowed 79.5 hours in an emergency situation and for the department head to inform the Board of Supervisors.

To observe July 4 as a county holiday.

The Triad grant application.


District 4 Supervisor David Carter was absent from the meeting, but participated and voted via telephone.