Trophies presented at 2012 Choctaw Cruiser

By Press Reports

The Choctaw Cruisers presented the following trophies to winners of their annual JuneFest Car Show, held on June 9. Walter Robinson-1st Place Fred Gunn-2nd Place Paul Allen-3rd Place Bolley Massey-3rd Place Tony Stedman-3rd Place Dennis Taylor-1st Place and Best of Show Jessie Hudson-2nd Place Robert Walls Jr.-2nd Place Bobby Hood-1st Place James C. Eichelberger-2nd Place Savannah Guyton-2nd Place Kaylen Hester-3rd Place Jeremy Kelly-3rd Place Cody Weeks-3rd Place Myron Hester-2nd Place Mike Herrick-2nd Place Melissa Kowerduck-1st Place Benton Nail-2nd Place Russell Clouse-1st Place Gay Hyde-3rd Place Robin Bridges-3rd Place Lisa Brewer-2nd Place Jimmy Brewer-3rd Place Bobby Huffman-2nd Place John Winstead-1st Place Jimmy Terry-1st place and Don Threadgill Memorial Trophy Gary and Betty Brown-1st Place Kay Henry-2nd Place and Ladies Choice Trophy Eugene Oswalt-3rd Place Derek Oswalt-1st Place Glennice Ming-2nd Place Raymond Parkerson-2nd Place Susie Latham-2nd Place Mike Latham-3rd Place Ramon Lancaster-2nd Place Mike Mravich-2nd Place Jim Whitson-3rd Place Don Rainwater-2nd Place Taylor Watson-3rd Place Kevin Shays-2nd Place Raymond Woods-2nd Place Brandon Hubbard-3rd Place Wilburn Beatty-1st Place O Hawkins-1st Place Charles Kitchens-2nd Place Marion Smith-3rd Place Charles Salley-3rd Place Kyle Jackson-1st Place Sam Carmichael-2nd Place Floyd Swartz-3rd Place Ellis Lachney-3rd Place Elayna Terrell-1st Place Warren D. Hunt-3rd Place Bob Smith-2nd Place Doug Newman-1st Place Mike Henson-3rd Place Charles Salley-2nd Place Larry Hester-1st Place Donna Hester-1st Place Hayden Hester-2nd Place Timothy McCoy-3rd Place