Pet Show draws large crowd

By Press Reports

A unique event each year at the Choctaw County June Fest is the 20th Century Sponsored Pet Show. Always looking to serve the community, the 20th Century Club sponsors the event each year to raise funds for the Choctaw County Library.

This year 27 participants entered the Pet Show hoping to win the “Best of Show” trophy, and $140 was raised for the local library.

There were 18 categories in which one may have entered their pet, and each category was $2. The categories you entered determined on the type of pet that you brought. Some popular categories included Cutest Puppy and Most Unusual Pet. Participant, 3rd Place, 2nd Place, and 1st Place ribbons were given at the conclusion of each category, and each 1st place winner in each category was then entered into the “Best of Show” Category. The 3rd, 2nd, and 1st place trophies were then presented at the conclusion of the Pet Show. Here is a list of the winners:

Best Dressed Pet: 1st- Bentley, Courtney Blaine; 2nd- Belle, Mary Grace Mills; 3rd- Sasha, Tasha Babers

Largest Dog: 1st- Hank, Maddie Hunt

Smallest Dog: 1st- Moose, Meglet Hudson; 2nd- Shug, Anna Crosley; 3rd- Addison Stacy

Longest Hair Dog: 1st- Abby, Miranda Reid; 2nd- Shortie, Peyton Hunt

Shortest Hair Dog: 1st- Candy, Summer McDonald; 2nd- Ruger, Emma Grace Loper; 3rd- Hank, Maddie Hunt

Smallest Puppy: 1st- 2, Alyssa Pearson; 2nd- Darla, Nikki Latham

Cutest Puppy: 1st- Darla, Nikki Latham; 2nd- Marlee, Leighanne Horne

Largest Misc. Pet: 1st- Cowboy, Carter Holland

Smallest Misc. Pet: 1st- Diablo, Lilly Fulgham; 2nd- Dragon, Lilly Fulgham; 3rd- Henry, Laura Holland

Longest Tail: 1st- Belle, Mary Grace Mills; 2nd- Candy, Summer McDonald; 3rd- Shortie, Peyton Hunt

Shortest Tail: 1st- Henry, Laura Grace Holland; 2nd- Abby, Miranda Reid; 3rd- Shug- Anna Crosley

Longest Ears: 1st- Max, Lily Moss; 2nd- Candy, Summer McDonald; 3rd- Shortie, Peyton Hunt

Shortest Ears: 1st- Aria, Carmen Long; 2nd- Dragon, Lilli Fulgham; 3rd- Benny, Nikki Latham

Most Unusual Pet: 1st- Dragon, Lilli Fulgham; 2nd- Opal, Ada Fulgham; 3rd- Ike, Katelyn Burney

Look Alike: 1st- Bentley, Courtney Blaine

Best of Show: 1st- Moose, Meglet Hudson; 2nd- Henry, Laura Grace Holland; 3rd- Candy, Summer McDonald