Mine begins quail restoration project

By Amanda McBride
The Choctaw Plaindealer
The Red Hills Mine is committed to restoring the quail population in Choctaw County. The mine recently released their first quail onto their reclamation area. 
Bryan Mattison with the Red Hills Mine is dedicated to the quail restoration project. 
“I’m excited when I see anything quail,” said Mattison. He added that he is willing to do anything to help. 
Mattison said that, “Northern Bobwhite quail was the most popular game bird species in Mississippi 30 years ago.  Unfortunately, sources indicate the Mississippi quail population has dropped by more than 70 percent since the 1980’s.”
“There can be many links to the decline including predators, diseases, parasites, pesticides and other factors.  All of these factors directly affect quail survival but the most significant cause of population decline is the reduction in the quality and quantity of suitable quail habitat.”
The Red Hills Mine has made a commitment to implement a quail restoration project.  
“We mine and subsequently reclaim approximately 100 acres per year and have created suitable quail habitat through the reclamation practices used.  Red Hills Mine has made a commitment to release up to 1,000 Bobwhite quail in the ever growing reclamation area per year,” said Mattison. 
 “The combination of good habitat and sufficient release of quail should result in a healthy quail population.  Red Hills Mine is excited about restoring the quail population and will continue to be mindful of quail and quail habitat during reclamation and everyday operations,” said Mattison.  
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