Supes discuss surgery area

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Construction of the new hospital was still a hot topic in the June 4 Board of Supervisors meeting.

They discussed the size of the helipad to be built at the new hospital. Lauren Williams, hospital administrator, said that the 66’x66’ pad that is designed is too large and that a 40’x40’ pad would be better. She said she talked to MedStat, who provides the county’s ambulance service, and they suggested a 40’x40’ with dusk to dawn lighting.

Peterson said P&M has designed the helipad as 66’x66’ as the FFA recommends. He said if the board decides to deviate from FFA standards then they would like an order from the board stating such. If the board reduced the size to a 40’x40’ helipad it would save $25,000.

Steve Wright, board attorney, told the board that they could build what size helipad they wanted, but he is concerned with going on record about it because of liability issues. Wright suggested the board talk to area hospitals to see what size helipads they have and how that size is working for them.

Later in the meeting, after taking to an area hospital, the board approved to change the size of the helipad to 40’x40’.

Changes to the procedure/surgery room at the new hospital were still up for discussion. Maxey Peterson, with Pryor and Morrow, said the price for the change order to changing the procedure room to a surgery room is approximately $414,967.

If the supervisors did not make a decision on whether or not to make the changes, it would hold up construction of the new hospital. To give the supervisors a little time to make that decision, Peterson suggested proceeding with plumbing changes stating the contractor could put in plumbing for both-a procedure room and surgery room into that area. He said that would costs approximately $10,000 and could be used out of the construction contingency funds.

The board approved to proceed with the plumbing changes at the new hospital to not exceed $10,000 in the procedure room area.

While discussing hospital and construction issues, District 5 Supervisor Eric Chambers made the motion that all updated plans and revisions of the new hospital and medical office building go directly to Pioneer’s hospital administrator to make sure they stay informed of any changes. District 2 Supervisor Larry McClain seconded the motion with all approving.

The supervisors discussed a cleanup request on Spay road and what the statue for cleanup requires. Wright read MS Code 19-5-105 on cleaning private property. The code states that notice must be given to the property owner and a public hearing must be held. After the hearing, the board then can declare if the property is a menace to public health and the county can clean up the property, not to exceed $10,000. Then the county may enroll the cost in Circuit Court to be paid by the landowner.

“The people of the county need to know this is no free lunch. You will pay for it,” said Wright.

The Board of Supervisors also approved:

Jail inspection.

To program Sanders Road Bridge Project (in District 1) as an LSBP project as much discussion of which road bridge to program. Marty Crowder, county engineer, recommended this bridge with the cost estimate of $392,272.

To increase project funds on the Reform-Sturgis Road Slide repair by $25,000 for state aid records. This does not increase payment to the contractor.

To continue with another study for the Lake Project with the Corp. of Engineers and to work with them on a scope of work. The county is utilizing funds leftover from a previous study that was given by the county and a grant.

Cintas (uniform) agreement for 24 months, contingent on striking the arbitration and automatic renewal clauses, for the quoted price.

May 31 meeting In the May 31 Board of Supervisors meeting they also discussed payment of indigent care to Pioneer Health Systems and an issue on ad valorem taxes for them.

Steve Fontaine, with Pioneer, submitted a list of highly recommended” capital purchases for equipment for the medical office building and hospital for the county to purchase. He said the list total is close to the $700,000 both agreed to on equipment purchase.

The physical therapy area for the new medical office building was briefly discussed. Pioneer would like to know if the county is going to pay for the finishing out of the area or if they need to deduct that square footage from their lease payment. No answer was given at this time.

The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors also approved:

To transfer $32,915 to Fund 126-Ambulance Service from Fund 001- General Fund.

To transfer funds to 097-E911.

Travel for Libby Beard to attend PERS training on July 17, for Peggy Miller to attend Circuit Clerk’s Convention on July 18 and for Steve Montgomery to attend the Chancery Clerk’s Convention on July 10.

An estimate on clearing and grubbing at the airport by request of Marty Crowder, county engineer.

Solid Waste deletions.

To hire a special prosecutor for the State vs. Jabari case per request of Kevin Null, county prosecutor.

A 16th Section lease for Charles Baxter.