BINGO! Will be heard throughout Pap’s Place on Saturday night, June 9.

The Ackerman 20th Century Club is once again sponsoring the annual Bingo games during Choctaw County’s JuneFest.

Bingo is one of the fan favorites of all of the JuneFest activities and is always packed full with people waiting for a spot to join the fun. Bingo begins at 5 p.m., June 9. The 20th Century Club sponsors Bingo each year with the help of the Salleys allowing it to be held at Pap’s as usual.

If you have played Bingo during JuneFest, you’ll know there are really great prizes and plenty of them. 20th Century members work hard collecting prizes from local businesses to keep Bingo going most of the night. Local businesses usually give prizes generously to make Bingo that much more fun.

Proceeds of Bingo go directly to the 20th Century Club for use all year long for different projects.

Club members look forward to seeing you at 5 p.m. for Bingo!