Weir history disappears

By C.J. Johnson

One of the last historic commercial or public buildings in Weir was demolished earlier this month. The old Merchants and Farmers Bank building, which was given to the Town of Weir when this branch office was closed, was the last complete historic commercial building still standing on Front Street.

Over the course of two days, the brick exterior as well as the interior of the decades-old bank became rubble, hauled off by the dump truck load. At the end of demolition, all that remained was a pile of broken lumber, a little brick debris, and the old vault. Annual inspection notices posted at the entrance to the vault dated back to the mid-1930s.

Only two old buildings remain on Front Street – the Old Masonic Lodge building on the corner and on the next block toward the west, past the former Crowder Drug Store, is the other remaining old commercial building. Weir’s once bustling Front Street is almost void of historic buildings. Vacant lots now outnumber businesses.