2012 Graduating Seniors

2012 Graduating Seniors

Weir High School

Dustin B. Autry Parents: Angela Leonard and Tommy Leonard Clubs/Activities/Sports: High School Baseball-9th grade, FFA-9th-12th grades Awards/Honors: Career and Technology Center Student of the Month-10th grade Most Memorable Moment: Beating Ackerman at the FFA welding competition. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College-Mayhew for Welding Fabrication

Meagan Danielle Ballenger Parents: Christina Wyatt Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club Awards/Honors: Non-Traditional Student in AEST, 95 and Above in Science, 92 and Above in Math, Honor Roll Most Memorable Moment: Prom night and the night some of the girls locked their keys in their car and we waited two hours at Chili’s for people to get them out. Future Plans: Attend college to get my degree to become a neonatal nurse and after that go back to school for Criminal Justice, CSI.

William Kyle Bramlett Parents: Will Bramlett, Laila Bramlett Clubs/Activities/Sports: Football for three years, Baseball for two years and FFA for four years Most Memorable Moment: 2010 Baseball Season Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College for two years then transfer to Ole Miss to become a teacher.

Stephanie Carraway Parents: Santy Bradley and Stephen Carraway Clubs/Activities/Sports: Basketball, Fast Pitch, Softball, Beta Club Awards/Honors: Honor Roll Most Memorable Moment: Prom night Future Plans: Attend college to become a successful person.

Starling Carter Parents: Laura Holman Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, FCCLA Awards/Honors: Highest Average in Mythology, 95 and Above in Mythology, Most Improved in English Most Memorable Moment: When I started Weir High School and I didn’t talk as much as I do now. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College to become a LPN.

Swade Cox Parents: Johnny and Teri Cox Clubs/Activities/Sports: Softball, Cheerleading, Beta Club, FFA Awards/Honors: Class Favorite, Class Vice President Most Memorable Moment: Being elected WHS Homecoming Queen by my peers. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College in the fall.

Arkelia Bonte’ Curtis Parents: Mary Ann Curtis and Antonia Curtis Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Cheerleading, Fast Pitch Awards/Honors: Honor Roll Most Memorable Moment: When I was promoted to the 12th grade and forgetting cheers at games. Future Plans: To attend Holmes in the fall to study Pre-Law.

Brady Dewberry Parents: Brad Dewberry and Tracie Fiebig Clubs/Activities/Sports: Baseball, FCA Awards/Honors: A-B Honor Roll, Most Valuable Player in the first round of playoffs 10th grade year. Most Memorable Moment: First homerun in baseball against Noxapater. Walls off Grand Slam. Future Plans: To play Major League Baseball or become a civil engineer.

Xavier Dotson Parents: Sandra Dotson and Samuel Hubbert Awards/Honors: 90 or Above in History and Algebra I Most Memorable Moment: Field Day and when I throw my hat in the air at graduation. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College for Automotive Engineering.

L’Terrica Evans Parents: Rena Smith Clubs/Activities/Sports: Softball, Fast Pitch, Track Most Memorable Moment: May 19, 2012-The day I graduate. Future Plans: Attend college and play softball for Holmes Community College.

J.R. Hall Parents: Robbie and Sherry Hall Clubs/Activities/Sports: Baseball, Football, Basketball, FFA, Beta Club Awards/Honors: Class Favorite, Class President Most Memorable Moment: Running the relay with TY in the hallway. Future Plans: To attend Holmes Community College in the fall to play baseball.

Shaquille Head Parents: Connie Head and Sababa Hannah Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Football, FCA, FFA, FBLA, Tack Awards/Honors: All State Football Team-1A, Class Treasurer Most Memorable Moment: The game against Nanih Waiya my 10th grade year. I had 20 tackles. Future Plans: I will be one of the greatest physical therapists.

Keydias Trevon Hemphill Parents: Carlean Hemphill and Willie Shorty Clubs/Activities/Sports: Basketball, Football Most Memorable Moment: The day I throw my hat up for the Class of 2012. Future Plans: To attend Itawamba Community College-Fulton and pick up a trade in Automotive Technology and get my license in mechanic engineer.

Alexis Johnson Parents: Merrell and Curtis Johnson Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, NAACP Youth-President, Drama Club, HOSA, Fair Intergenerational Youth Project-President Awards/Honors: A-B Honor Roll, Highest GPA in History-11th grade, Northwest Mississippi Community College Leadership Scholarship Most Memorable Moment: When my friends and I got to be on the 2011-2012 Homecoming Court together. Future Plans: To attend Norwest Community College for two years and attend UMC to become a physical therapist.

Alexus Johnson Parents: Merrell and Curtis Johnson Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, FFA, Drama Club, Fast Pitch, Cheerleading Awards/Honors: Honor Roll Most Memorable Moment: Cheering on Friday nights with my senior cheering squad. They were the best. Future Plans: To attend Northwest Community College in Senatobia in the fall and major in Social Work.

Asia Luster Parents: Pamela Ann Winters, Brady Scott Luster Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Fast Pitch, Softball Awards/Honors: Honor Roll, Most Improved in Math, 90 and Above in Math and Health Most Memorable Moment: Our 2012 Beta Club trip. Future Plans: Make my family proud by going to college and being a successful young lady.

Chatiuana Miller Parents: Roxanne Hemphill and Willie Hemphill Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Basketball, Softball Awards/Honors: Honor Roll, 2010-2011 Class Favorite Most Memorable Moment: When Larretta Woodard fell in the gym and when Anna Rimmer’s ponytail fell off on the court. Future Plans: To go to the National Guard so that I can give my baby whatever she wants.

James N. Nail Parents: Jimmy Nail and Violia Butler Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA Awards/Honors: First place in District welding competition Most Memorable Moment: Throwing my cap in the air at graduation. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College after graduation and take up welding.

Tori Newlin Parents: Paul and Melinda Newlin Clubs/Activities/Sports: Cheerleading, Beta Club, FFA, Madrigals, Annual Staff Awards/Honors: Superintendent’s List, 2009 Teen Miss Choctaw County Most Memorable Moment: Sophomore year I was sitting on top of a desk in math class and it flipped with me on it. On top of that, a printer almost crushed me. Future Plans: To attend Holmes Community College to study Architecture. After that I’m not sure. I’m not one to plan that far ahead.

DaNarris DaMare Potts Parents: Larry Jobe and Betty Jobe Clubs/Activities/Sports: Football, Basketball Awards/Honors: Principal’s List-12th grade Most Memorable Moment: My last year in high school. Future Plans: To attend school in East St. Louis, Ill.

Christianna Rimmer Parents: Veronica Evans and Virgil Rimmer Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Cheerleader, FFA, FCCLA Awards/Honors: 90 and Above in Math and Reading 180, Computer for Vocational Most Memorable Moment: May 19, 2012 when my red hat goes up in the air. Future Plans: To get a degree in Social Work, Business Accounting and Interior Design

Aaron M. Stevenson Parents: Leslie, Steale Stevenson Clubs/Activities/Sports: Football-two years, FFA Most Memorable Moment: Taking my prom date to prom. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College and take up welding.

Sarah Helen Stevenson Parents: Chris and Debra Stevenson Clubs/Activities/Sports: Fast Pitch, Slow Pitch softball, Cheerleading, HOSA, FFA, Beta Club Awards/Honors: Class Secretary, HOSA president Most Memorable Moment: Driving my new car to school for the first time. Future Plans: To attend Holmes Community College to pursue a degree in Nursing.

Jimmarin Woodard Parents: Martha Woodard, Jimmie Hannah Clubs/Activities/Sports: Football, Track, Baseball, FFA, FBLA, FCA, Choir Awards/Honors: First Team All-State Most Memorable Moment: Senior night in football Future Plans: Attend Northwest Community College for two years and move on to a four year college.

Sanquilla Woodard Parents: Genice and Larry Kirkwood Clubs/Activities/Sports: Basketball, Softball, FFA, Beta Club, Choir, Madrigals, FCA Awards/Honors: Honor Roll, 2010-2011 Class Vice President Most Memorable Moment: The day I throw up my hat at graduation. Future Plans: To attend Holmes Community College for two years then transfer to Mississippi State University to finish up my years for accounting.

French Camp Seniors

Stanleyesha Sharay Anderson. Parents: Michael and Holly Anderson. Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club (4 years). Awards/Honors: President’s List—10th Grade, Principal’s List—11th and 12th Grade. Most Memorable Moment: playing Bible games in Mrs. Martin’s Bible class. Future Plans: attend Mississippi University for Women and major in pre-pharmacy.

Kristen Marie Carballo. Parents: Spencer and Judy Briggs. Clubs/Activities/Sports: Drama Club and Chorus. Awards/Honors: Homecoming Court 2011-12. Most Memorable Moment: Homecoming Queen 2011-12. Future Plans: attend EMCC, major in dental hygiene.

Deborah Diane Hughes. Parents: Mary Hatcher. Clubs/Activities/Sports: mascot, The Play. Most Memorable Moment: Being in Lil Misses class. Future Plans: attending East Mississippi Community College, majoring in occupational therapy.

Terry Lee Henning. Parents: Warren and Lisa Henning. Clubs/Activities/Sports: football, baseball. Awards/Honors: Honor Roll. Future Plans: attend MSU and join Air Force.

Katherine Elizabeth Witt. Parents: Curt Witt and Ann Kenneth. Clubs/Activities/Sports: chorus, softball, basketball, yearbook, Jr/ Sr Girls Bible Study, Mission trip. Awards/Honors: Who’s Who, Homecoming Court, honor roll. Most Memorable Moment: Beautiful Feet Mission trip. Future Plans: to attend Mississippi College and obtain a major in Secondary Education.

Demaryian Rochelle Wingard. Parents: Mary and Gregory Scott. Clubs/Activities/Sports: basketball, softball, Women’s Ministry at church. Most Memorable Moment: when I went out with my friends and our senior trip. Future Plans: attend EMCC and become a nurse.

Christina Joy Trotter. Parents: Howard Trotter. Clubs/Activities/Sports: cheerleading, tennis. Awards/Honors: Valedictorian. Most Memorable Moment: Praying with a man while on a mission trip in Texas. Future Plans: to attend Itawamba Community College, then transfer to the University of Mississippi.

Benjamin David Storment. Parents: David and Sara Storment. Clubs/Activities/Sports: track. Awards/Honors: honor roll. Future Plans: attend college in Belhaven.

Kaitlyn Summer Smith. Parents: Danny and Regina Smith. Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College.

Ariel Karlene Sims. Parents: Melissa Sims. Clubs/Activities/Sports: spending time with friends. Most Memorable Moment: Dining Hall table conversations. Future Plans: I intend on doing something that involves art.

Shelby Christian Sheedy. Parents: Glenn and Robin Sheedy. Future Plans: attend East Mississippi Community College.

Jessica Marie Rigby. Parents: Lawson Rigby. Clubs/Activities/Sports: Tech Committee, softball. Awards/Honors: Creative Spirit Award, Who’s Who—Most Artistic, honor roll. Most Memorable Moment: Having the inflatable slide fall over while I was in it at the after party for Jr./Sr. Future Plans: Graduate from Hinds Community College after two years and transfer to Southern Miss to major in Interior Design.

Breuna Danyel Mason. Parents: Tyson and Burkey Thompson and Leslie Fleming. Clubs/Activities/Sports: basketball, softball, cheerleader, track, Women’s Ministry and NAACP. Awards/Honors: basketball—Best Defense, Most Rebounds, Most Assists. Most Memorable Moment: When I went to New Orleans for my senior trip with my friends. Future Plans: Attend Hinds Community College and become a therapist.

Dennis Michael Johnson. Parents: David and Debbie Johnson. Clubs/Activities/Sports: football (2,3,4), tennis (2,3,4), basketball (2). Awards/Honors: Presidents List, honor roll, State Champion and State Runner-up in tennis 10th and 11th grade. Most Memorable Moment: Football team beat Durant on Senior Night in 2011-12 season. Future Plans: attend Mississippi State University and major in Civil Engineering.

James Bradley Palmertree. Parents: James and Tessie Palmertree. Clubs/Activities/Sports: football, baseball. Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College.

Karley Diane Parish. Parents: Thomas Parish. Clubs/Activities/Sports: horseback riding. Most Memorable Moment: being in the dorm at FCA my first year learning a lot about who I was as a person. Future Plans: Go to college and be a veterinarian.

Jackson Ray Ward. Parents: Jeff and Debra Ward. Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, 4H, football (1,2,3,4), tennis (3,4), class play (2), Who’s Who ( Awards/Honors: Class Favorite (1,2,3,4), Most Likely to Brighten Your Day (2), Most Likely to Make You Laugh (1), Most Encouraging (4). Most Memorable Moment: Beating Weir in Weir my junior year. Future Plans: I am majoring in secondary education and planning on attending EMCC in the fall.

Joshua Nolan Chandler. Parents: W.M. Chandler and Amanda Mitchell. Clubs/Activities/Sports: football. Future Plans: Military.

Chelsea Evans. Parents: Camilla Oakes. Awards/Honors: Salutatorian, honor roll 9-12 grade. Most Memorable Moment: the moments spent with my friends and the people I have come to love. Future Plans: I plan to go to Mississippi University for Women and study psychology.

Philip Palmertree. Parents: Randy and Sandy Palmertree. Most Memorable Moment: when I went to the coast and went fishing. Future Plans: Going to Hinds Community College.

Corey James Patton. Parents: Pam and Steve Patton. Clubs/Activities/Sports: basketball for two years, football for one year. Future Plans: I plan on going to hinds Community College to major in business then I plan on going to a university to further my degree.

Erica Mary Jane Howard Parents: Diane and Robert Howard Clubs/Activities/Sports: cheerleading, Play-The Curious Savage Awards/Honors: Honor Roll (1,2,3,4) Most Memorable Moment: Running around in a sumo suit at the Jr./Sr. Banquet after party Future Plans: Going to college to be a nurse practitioner

Royce Worbington Parents: Marshall and Marcia Worbington, Terry and Melinda Goins Clubs/Activities/Sports: tennis (8,9,10,11,12), Play (11.12) Most Memorable Moment: Hanging out with friends Future Plans: East Mississippi Community College for electrical tech

Cody Williams Parents: Marilyn Harvey (grandmother) Clubs/Activities/Sports: Cross Country “1A Champs” (2 years), track (2 years), 2nd in State Mile Relay Most Memorable Moment: Returning to Booneville to race post day in Corinth, 1st year I was 15th out of 264, then 2nd out of 170 in XC Future Plans: Work in Vancouver over the summer, and most likely go to Jones Junior Community College

Ackerman Seniors

Brittany Adams Parents: Sarah and Billy Adams Clubs/Activities/Sports: SkillsUSA, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, 4-H, Flag Football, Academic Team Awards/Honors: District Science Fair-2nd place, Regional Science Fair-1st place, State Science Fair-6th place, SkillsUSA Regionals-2nd place, Overall District Science Fair-3rd place, Regional Science Fair-3rd place Most Memorable Moment: When Andrew Bigley got stuck on the rock wall by his pants. Future Plans: To attend East Mississippi Community College for two years and obtain a degree in Nursing (Registered Nurse).

Dylan Bagwell Parents: Ginger and Johnny Bagwell Clubs/Activities/Sports: Football and Baseball for four years. Most Memorable Moment: Winning state for baseball my freshman year. Future Plans: Attend the University of Mississippi and major in Physical Therapy

Robert “Andrew” Bigley Parents: Andy and Emmy Stephenson Clubs/Activities/Sports: SkillsUSA and FFA for two years Awards/Honors: Ackerman FFA-Chaplin, 2011 Local Science Fair-1st place, 2011 District Science Fair-2nd place, 2011 State Science Fair-5th place, Competed in Job Interview for two years. Most Memorable Moment: Climbing to the top of the rock wall. Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College to major in Business Management then transfer to Mississippi State to finish my Business Management degree. Then attend the University of Mississippi to get my Law degree.

Courtney Blaine Parents: Glen and Sherry Blaine Clubs/Activities/Sports: Volleyball, Softball Awards/Honors: Distinguished Young Women-1st runner up Most Memorable Moment: Watching everyone run to the cafeteria on chicken nugget day. Future Plans: To attend Holmes Community College-Ridgeland to get my degree in Liberal Arts and be a photographer. Also being the editor of the Holmes yearbook and be an ambassador.

Tessia Bond Parents: Lisa Nalori Clubs/Activities/Sports: FCCLA Awards/Honors: FCCLA-1st place medal Future Plans: To be a cosmetologist.

Sarah Bowles Parents: Kim Harrison and David Bowles Clubs/Activities/Sports: Softball, Basketball, Volleyball, Cheerleading Awards/Honors: Volleyball Play of the Year, Region V Finalist, State ISEF-2nd place, Homecoming Queen, Co-Captain, 2A-3A Large State Champion Cheering Squad Future Plans: To pursue a degree to become an athletic trainer.

Austin Bowman Parents: Rodney and Melinda Bowman Clubs/Activities/Sports: FCA, SGA, SkillsUSA, Mu Alpha Theta, Beta Club, Baseball, Football Awards/Honors: G Young Award, Most Likely to Succeed Most Memorable Moment: Winning the 2A Baseball State Championship in 2009 Future Plans: To be in the ROTC program at Mississippi State University and major in Business Management.

Bret Boykin Parents: Frankie Boykin and Diane Edwards Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA-President, Band-Trumpet Awards/Honors: 2011 Vo-Tech Student of the Year Most Memorable Moment: Watching Bigley from Wal-Mart to the school bus when Mr. Threet told him we were going to leave him. Future Plans: Attend college and find a good job and live on my own for a while.

Spencer James Parents: Chris and Heather James Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Chorus (1,2,3,4), baseball (1,2), basketball (1,2,3,4), track (3) Awards/Honors: Best Offensive Basketball Award, First Place State Championship Baseball Award 2009, Star Singer Award 2005, Regional Science Fair 1st Place 2009 Most Memorable Moment: Future Plans: Attend ICC in the fall and transfer to MSU in two years.

Keriann Johnsey Parents: Rhonda Curtis Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA, Envirothon Awards/Honors: 2nd Place at State with Forestry Most Memorable Moment: Going to EMCC and getting lost on campus with best friend Lajenna on registration day. Future Plans: Going to college at EMCC then going to MSU to become a Wildlife Manager.

Emily Jones Parents: Mr. Philip Jones andMs. Lisa Oswalt Jones Clubs/Activities/Sports: band, choir, FCA, Beta Club, Academic Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Future Teachers of America Awards/Honors: Currently Valedictorian, Highest GPA Awards in Chemistry I, Algebra I, Spanish I, Advance World Geography, U.S. History Most Memorable Moment: When Mr. Strickland wore a tiger suit on costume day during football season. Future Plans: I plan to go to ICC andpursue a degree in nursing then go to UMC

Nevin Lang Parents: Tracy andRobert Lang Clubs/Activities/Sports: baseball Awards/Honors: All-District baseball, highest batting average Most Memorable Moment: Bus rides to baseball games Future Plans: Become a baseball coach

Samantha Lauderdale Parents: Peggy and David Reed Clubs/Activities/Sports: Mu Alpha Theta, FFA Awards/Honors: Honor graduate Most Memorable Moment: When on FFA trip we called Bigley and told him we were leaving and he came running out of Wal-Mart. Future Plans: Continue my education at EMCC-Scooba, rodeo and then transfer to MSU and finish my social work degree.

Megan Liddell Parents: Steve and Angie Liddell Clubs/Activities/Sports: FCCLA Awards/Honors: Highest Average Career Preparation, CCCTC CTE Completer, MS FCCLA, and 95 or above GPA in Career Preparation Most Memorable Moment: When I got the Highest Average Award Future Plans: To find a very good job to help me find a place of my own

Sierra McKnight Parents: Scottie and Sandra McKnight Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta Club, Pride of Ackerman Band and Colorguard, Academic Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Joyce Yates School of Dance, chorus Awards/Honors: Colorguard Captain, honor roll, President of SkillsUSA Most Memorable Moment: The time Kellie tripped over her flag bag at the East Webster football game Future Plans: Attend EMCC and then MSU to major in Communications

Brandi Medders Parents: Mark and Susan Medders Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA, HOSA, Future Teachers Most Memorable Moment: Starting my senior year off on crutches Future Plans: Graduate college with an Associate Nursing degree and go into travel nursing and see the world

Emily Miller Parents: Dana and Tony Cooper andthe late Cletus Miller Clubs/Activities/Sports: Mu Alpha Theta, Beta Club, Academic Team, Future Teachers Awards/Honors: Senior Class President, “Who’s Who” Most Likely To Succeed, STAR Student (30 ACT), Highest GPA in English I, Short Stories, Business Law, Personal Finance, Family and Individual Health, Oral Interpretations, Physical Science, Design Technology for Fashion andInteriors I, World History, AP US History, AP English, Sophomore Class President, Academic Team Captain Most Memorable Moment: When I fell down all the bleachers in the gym in 8th grade Future Plans: Attend EMCC, transfer to MSU and major in Computer Engineering

LaVonte’ Montrell Miller Parents: Bertha Harris, Willis Miller Clubs/Activities/Sports: FLA, JROTC, track, basketball, football Awards/Honors: Best Defensive Player in basketball, Best Defensive Back in football Most Memorable Moment: When we beat Hamilton in 2011-2012 football season for the division championship Future Plans: Become a mechanical engineer

Vanessa Deneice Miller Parents: Earlie and Ola Miller Clubs/Activities/Sports: Fast Pitch, Band, Colorguard, Basketball, Future Teachers of America, Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, Academic Team Awards/Honors: Most Improved Colorguard, Chemistry Academic Award, Advanced World Geography Academic Award, Algebra II Academic Award, Geometry, Algebra I, Spanish Most Memorable Moment: When I got my license and got the car for the 1st time on my own Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College in the fall on a Colorguard Scholarship majoring in Computer Engineering

Allannah Brianne Mitchell Parents: Holli Mitchell and Todd and Nikki Mitchell Clubs/Activities/Sports: Health Occupations Students of America, Advanced Girls Choir, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta, Academic Team, Joyce Yates School of Dance, Flipz Unlimited Gymnastics, cheerleader, counselor at Woodman of the World Camp, church choir and Ackerman Church of God Drama Team Awards/Honors: Cheerleading State Championships in 2009 and 2011, HOSA Class Representative 2010-2011, Algebra I and Algebra II Awards, All-American Cheerleader 2011, Distinguished Young Woman “Be Your Best Self” Essay Award winner, Campus Beauty 10th through 12th grade, 9th grade Homecoming Maid Most Memorable Moment: We finally got a good snow and several friends got together for sledding and a snowball fight. Future Plans: Plan to attend Itawamba Community College to obtain a degree in Radiologic Technology, and will transfer to University of Mississippi Medical Center for specialization

Luella Paden Parents: Charlene Paden Clubs/Activities/Sports: band, Jr. High Cheerleading, future teacher, high school chorus Awards/Honors: pre-Algebra math Most Memorable Moment: Jay-Jay fell in the hole in the courtyard, and the band trips Future Plans: Go to college and to become an obstetrician gynecologist nurse

Miranda Peeples Parents: Roger Peeples, Lisa Peeples Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA Most Memorable Moment: becoming a senior Future Plans: To become a teacher

William Pratt Parents: Annie and William Pratt Clubs/Activities/ Sports: JROTC Most Memorable Moment: My most memorable moment is when I came back to school for my senior year. Future Plans: Attend college at EMCC and become a computer engineer

Alyssa Price Parents: Sam and Robin Ables Clubs/Activities/Sports: member of choir and band, FCA, Enon Youth Group, Enon Church Choir, SGA, FTA, Beta Club, Mu Alpha Theta Awards/Honors: Summer before 8th grade year attended Trent Lott Leadership Program, Highest GPA—Biology I, English I, Botany, English II, English III, Citizenship 2009-2010, Most Dedicated in Band 2010, Citizenship 2010-2011, participated in All-District Honor Band Clinic in 2010. Attended 2011 Mississippi Governor’s School Most Memorable Moment: When band made it to the 2nd round of championships in 2010 and we screamed for 10 minutes straight Future Plans: Attend MUW and major in English or Nursing

Harlie Pyron Parents: Brian Pyron and Sonya Pyron Clubs/Activities/Sports: Beta, Mu Alpha Theta, HOSA, Academic Team, Powerlifting, Dance Team, Volleyball Awards/Honors: Allied Health I andII Highest Average, Zoology Highest Average, President of HOSA, Prom Queen Most Memorable Moment: The time Spencer clotheslined me in the throat at lunch Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College then University of Mississippi Medical Center to obtain Masters in Nursing

Roman A. Ramirez Parents: Roman Sr. and Maria Ramirez Clubs/Activities/Sports: football, baseball, track, chorus, Mu Alpha Theta Awards/Honors: Mr. AHS, Citizenship (3), 2nd team All-State kicker Most Memorable Moment: Winning the state championship in baseball in 2009 Future Plans: I plan on going to basic training in the summer and to MSU to major in architecture

Von-kanisa Marie Kennedy Parents: Tamecia Martin, Chris Robinson Clubs/Activities/Sports: chorus (2,3,1) Awards/Honors: 2nd place in FCCLA my three years Most Memorable Moment: When I had my baby boy; when I get married to Robert Triplett Future Plans: Go to college, get my cosmetology license and fashion design career

Guy Wise Parents: Doug and Jackie Wise Clubs/Activities/ Sports: Robotics Team, Academic Team Future Plans: Attend EMCC then transfer to MSU and get a degree in architecture

Jennifer Wilson Parents: Lisa Wilson Clubs/Activities/Sports: HOSA, band Future Plans: EMCC to be a registered nurse

Melissa Swanner Parents: Mary Swanner Clubs/Activities/Sports: HOSA, Future Teachers Future Plans: Go to EMCC for Associate Nursing degree and become a registered nurse

Taylor Stephenson Parents: Lisa andJoey Stephenson Clubs/Activities/Sports: football (4), baseball (4) Most Memorable Moment: winning the state championship in baseball in 2009 Future Plans: To attend EMCC and pursue a degree in X-ray technology

Morgan Sierra Spivey Parents: LeAnn Hill and Keith Spivey Clubs/Activities/Sports: FFA Awards/Honors: Regional Science Fair 3rd Place

Clement Devon McMullen Parents: Clement McMullen andEllen McMullen Clubs/Activities/Sports: AHS Basketball, C2Robotics Awards/Honors: 95 and above in Latin, Most Improved in Basketball Most Memorable Moment: Our final game against Weir Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College and major in Computer Engineering and then finish my degree at Mississippi State University

Kristoph Woods Parents: Melissa Brown and James Woods Clubs/Activities/Sports: football, baseball, track Most Memorable Moment: beating Hamilton to become division champs Future Plans: Attend college, major in Health Fitness, get married and have kids, and enjoy the life God has planned for me

Taylor Vaughn Parents: Brad and Tracy Vaughn Clubs/Activities/Sports: AHS Golf Team, SkillsUSA, Mu Alpha Theta, Beta Club, FCA, and chorus Awards/Honors: Golf Team Most Improved 9th grade, Golf Team Medalist 10th and 11th grade, 1st Place SkillsUSA Regional Competition, honor roll 9th—12th grade Most Memorable Moment: Playing at the State Golf Tournament Future Plans: Attend Itawamba Community College and major in Professional Golf Management

Torey Ann Trouart Parents: Tooter andSandey Trouart Clubs/Activities/Sports: chorus, Yearbook, volleyball, track, 4-H, Beta Club, Enon Youth Group Awards/Honors: Junior Showmanship Champion County Show, Poetry District Finalist, Storytelling District winner, A honor roll Most Memorable Moment: Moving to Mississippi Future Plans: Go to MSU, get a business degree, then go to cosmetology school

Jamela Stallings Parents: Lisa Robinson and Tommy Jr. Stallings Clubs/Activities/Sports: Mu Alpha Theta, band Awards/Honors: Most Improved Bandsman, Highest GPA—Geometry, Algebra I andII Academic Award, Advanced World Geography Academic Award, Spanish I Academic Award, Allied Health I Academic Award Most Memorable Moment: Going to all the football games and watching the Indians Future Plans: Attending Itawamba Community College in the fall on a band scholarship majoring in Nursing

Chelsea Smith Parents: Jan and Terry Smith Clubs/Activities/Sports: AHS Marching Band, Future Teachers, Tomnolen Baptist Church Youth Group Awards/Honors: 7th grade Most Improved in Band, Highest GPA in Transition to Algebra 2008-2009 Most Memorable Moment: going to State in band; the Eupora vs. Ackerman game and beating Eupora Future Plans: Going to EMCC

Shalabra Robinson Parents: Shirley andRobert Ashford Clubs/Activities/Sports: chorus, basketball Awards/Honors: Whitefield District, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. Future Plans: To graduate from high school and pursue an acting/ modeling career while attending a junior college. I want to succeed in the best I’ve been taught by my peers, teachers, and parents.

LaJenna Aundrea Steadman Parents: Anthony (Tony) Steadman and Jennifer Renee Steadman Clubs/Activities/Sports: 4-H, FFA, FTA, band, FCCLA, and a member of Ackerman Church of Christ Awards/Honors: Sharp Shooter, 1st place Interior Design, 5th in State in Shooting (4-H), 1st place in science fair Most Memorable Moment: When I accidently hit my friend in the head with a water bottle Future Plans: To attend EMCC and transfer to MSU to receive a degree in Interior Design

Courtney Elizabeth Stallings Parents: Shane andSherri Stallings Clubs/Activities/Sports: HOSA, chorus, Academic Team, cheerleading, Future Teachers, FCA Awards/Honors: State champs in cheerleading, Student of the Month 2010-2011, 7th and 8th grade Homecoming Most Memorable Moment: getting mooned by some random guy on the way to cheer competition Future Plans: Attend EMCC to become a registered nurse, then go on to a university to become a nurse anesthesiologist

Kellie Williams Parents: Charles Williams and Leah Hill Clubs/Activities/Sports: marching band, color guard, concert band, C2 Robotics Team, Academic Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Beta Club, Smoke Signals Annual staff Awards/Honors: best Marcher Award 2009, Highest Average—Ancient Civilization 2009, Auburn University Honor band 2011, All Superior Color Guard 2009-2011, Superior Concert Band 2009, Vex Robotics World Championship participant 2011, Same Engineering Camp participant 2011, State Band Clinic 2010, Itawamba Community College High School Band camp 2009-2010, honor roll 2009-2012, Band Council Most Memorable Moment: The pre-performance prayers and talks with the color guard Future Plans: After graduation I plan to attend Holmes Community College in Grenada, then continue on to Mississippi State University to pursue a degree in Civil Engineering.

Kadesia “Dee” Simmons Parents: Sharon andDarren Miller, Levi Simmons Clubs/Activities/Sports: basketball, volleyball, track and field, high school band, colorguard, Academic Team, Mu Alpha Theta, Annual staff Awards/Honors: Algebra II 95 or above award, Zeta Phi Beta 2nd Princess and Performance Arts Award, Lindy Calahan Athletic District Award Most Memorable Moment: was when Kellie Williams tripped on her flag bag and fell on a piece of tin Future Plans: To attend Itawamba Community College and major in Physical Therapy and then after 2 years I would like to further my education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson

Editor’s note: The choctaw Plaindealer was provided only the black and white photographs for Ackerman High School.