Locals complete ATV Rider Course

By Press Reports

Recently, 4-H’ers from Choctaw County, along with 4-H parent, and 4-H Agent, completed an ATV Rider Course to learn how to safely operate an ATV. Participants were Jeremy Robison, Felecia Miller-Baber, Brittney Robison, LaToya Baber, and Traci Mongeon, 4-H Agent. The course was taught by certified ATV Safety Institute instructors, Larry Alexander and Randall Nevins. The ATV Rider Course is a hands- on learning experience, with emphasis on the safety implications relating to each lesson. Prior to beginning, the participants learned the basics of the ATV and the necessary gear, with the helmet being the most important piece of equipment. There are also goggles, gloves for better grip, long pants, and sturdy boots. After each lesson, the group takes turns practicing skills including leaning correctly into turns, approaching obstacles, turns around cones, increasing speed, and more. The course ended with a fun trail ride enjoyed by all! With Mississippi being at the top of the list for ATV accidents and injuries, the ATV ASI Rider Course is a great way to learn to be safe while having fun. Senate Bill 2196 passed just last year states that under 16 are required to wear a helmet, and possess a legal driver’s license or take a certified ATV training course, when on public property. Please contact your 4-H Agent or the ATV Safety Institute for more information on enrolling in the ATV Rider Course.