Bowman receives achievement honors

By Staff and Press Reports

Dymand Bowman of Milwaukee, Wisconsin is Valedictorian of his class at Northwest Secondary High School. He was also recognized by the United States Achievement Academy. Dymand Bowman is rank #1 of 87 students in his senior class and Valedictorian of class of 2012. He is a volunteer in his community in which he devotes most of his time each month in ministry work. Dymand is actively involved in Robotics Engineering, Forensics, and Restorative Justice programs. The latter program has enabled him to become a staff member through peer mediation. Dymand is a liaison between the students and the teachers and works to lower violence and other negative behaviors during school hours. He was recognized by the United States Achievement Academy as a student in excellence in honor roll, humanities, leadership merit and world languages. His Language Arts teacher, Eamon McKenna, nominated him for this honor. Dymand currently lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but has roots in Weir. He is the grand child of Mr. Theodore R. Dotson (Ted) of Weir and Cloteal Anderson Dotson and the child of Larita Dotson- Bowman and Jermaine Bowman of Milwaukee, WI.