Ackerman School Reunion this Saturday

By Press Reports

This coming Saturday the Ackerman High School campus will be occupied with former classmates, teachers, coaches, and administrators. It’s time to gather for their annual school reunion. The meeting begins in the Ty Cobb Complex at noon with registration and a silent auction until 2 pm. The program begins in the auditorium at 2 pm and normally lasts for around 90 minutes. The Ackerman School Reunion Group was organized in 1998 and is made up of former students, administrators and friends of AHS. The purpose of the annual meeting is renewing friendships and supporting the school. There is no cost for the event. A silent auction will be held in the gymnasium from Noon until 2 pm in support of the Ackerman Reunion Scholarship Fund. According to reunion president Hazel Crenshaw Garrett (1964), “We are looking for Ackerman alumni and friends who will donate items to the silent auction in support of our scholarships that will be awarded this year to four graduating seniors. Please bring your silent auction items to the Ty Cobb Complex by 12:00 pm (noon) on Saturday, April 28. All of the proceeds from the silent auction go toward the Reunion Scholarship Fund.” “Remember to come early this year for the silent auction, registration and fellowship,” added Ackerman Reunion vice president Dick Burney (1958). “My favorite part of our annual reunion is the fellowship time enjoyed by all during the registration time and silent auction,” added Burney. The Ackerman School Reunion Scholarship Fund was established to provide annual scholarships to graduating seniors from Ackerman High School who plans to further his or her education in an academic or vocational institution of higher learning. The scholarships are nominated and selected by the faculty of Ackerman High School. According to Ackerman School Reunion founder Marion Smith, Sr. (1948), “The criteria of the scholarship award are based upon the student’s economic need and desire for furthering his/her education and training at a college or vocational institution. Additional considerations are the student’s outstanding moral character and reflect some of the following traits: trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent.” Smith added, “I hope that everyone will take pride in that the reunion group has now awarded 16 five-hundred dollar scholarships in recent years. We are pleased to report that four worthy scholarship recipients have been selected by the staff of AHS for this year and are as follows; Brittany Adams, Sarah Bowles, Matthew Davis and K.J. Woods. I urge all alumni and friends of Ackerman School to get involved in the silent auction and help us keep the scholarship project funded. We are in need of donated items and I hope that everyone will be generous in their bidding.” According to reunion president Hazel Garrett, “Last year we had 143 former students, faculty, and friends of Ackerman School from seven states that came to the reunion. We have alumni who faithfully attend and we continue to reach out to those as near as Ackerman in hopes to make this their first year.” Last year the AHS Class of 1961 was recognized at the event for highest attendance with 17 members present. “The annual Ackerman School Reunion is great fun. This year the AHS Class of 1962 is planning their 50-year reunion and we’ve heard that some first-time surprise attendees are possible this year from our past. I challenge all alumni to call a former classmate today and meet us at the reunion on Saturday, April 28,” added Garrett. For more information about the Ackerman School Reunion, visit