Supes discuss solid waste policy

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

A request to stop a garbage bill was one major discussion of the April 9 Choctaw County Board of Supervisors meeting. Joy Marshall requested from the board to allow her to not pay her garbage bill on her home in French Camp. She said the lives in Jackson and keeps this home to have a place to stay while visiting family. District 3 Supervisor Chris McIntire said she does not have homestead exemption on this home, she does not live there but the electricity and water are on at the home. Marshall explained in depth that the utilities are on for the upkeep of the home and gave details of others nearby that are in similar situations as hers that do not pay their garbage bill. McIntire and other board members explained to her that other people in similar situations do not want to pay the garbage bill but they are required to according to the Solid Waste policy. “If anything we have to amend our policy and that’s not going to happen today,” said McIntire. No action was taken on this matter. On a different matter the board approved change in the county’s personnel policy after much discussion. Collins made a motion to amend the handbook to state “current employees may be hired for opening in any other department without advertising” with a second from District 2 Supervisor Larry McClain. The motion approved 3-2 with Chambers and District 4 Supervisor David Carter voting against it. “There’s a lot of things I’m not comfortable with right now,” said Carter about the personnel policy. In other business the Board of Supervisors approved: Travel for District 4 Supervisor David Carter to attend the Mississippi Association of Supervisors-Minority Caucus in Vicksburg on April 25-27. Travel for Brent McKnight and Diane Pyron to attend inventory, receiving and purchasing re-certification. To authorize Steve Wright, board attorney, to issue a letter to UniFirst Uniforms outlining existing quality and performance problems and to follow through the next steps as defined in the contract. Travel for both constables to attend mandatory training June 4-9. Purchase of a fire truck from Hot Coffee for $100. To enter into a contract with Pryor and Morrow Engineering for design and inspection of roof replacement at the current hospital. The county received a Rural Impact grant for $264,000 with matching of $285,500 for acquisition of equipment and job creation by Pioneer Health Services. To designate Lee Upchurch as sub grantee for Force Protection Program of the Homeland Security as requested by Sheriff Cloyd Halford. To authorize the clerk to forward checks for $76,000 for District 5 and $150,000 for District 4 from Regions Bank to Thompson Machinery for the purchase of one grader each for Districts 4 and 5. The graders were previously bid and awarded. Renewal from Mississippi Public Entity for the county’ health insurance.