Lady Indians split division games

Story & Pictures By Lucretia Moss

On April 10 the Lady Indians played host to Calhoun City. In JV action, Haley Lucas took the mound for the Indians pitching 2 1/2 innings and Lindsay Bruce came in to close. Haley Lucas, Cassie Price, and Karina Brown each hit singles in the game. Kierra Fair hit 2 singles. In Varsity action, Emily Robison was on the mound for the Lady Indians. Calhoun City was scoreless in the 1st inning. Dayna Presley led off for Ackerman. On the first pitch of the game, Presley was hit by the pitch and advanced to 1st. A pitch would also hit Makenzie Toombs as well. With two runners on base, Allison Cooper hit a RBI single to score Presley to give the Indians an early 1-0 lead. Calhoun City answered back in the 2nd innings when runners reached base on an Indian error to later score off of a triple that was hit to tie the game. Another base hit would score a run but the Indians stopped them when, catcher, Haley Lucas threw to shortstop Dayna Presley on a steal attempt to 2nd base for the third out. The Indians were scoreless in the bottom of the 2nd, with two runners left on base. Mackenzie Toombs came in to pitch in the 3rd inning. With two outs for Calhoun City, they rallied for two hits and three runs before senior Sarah Bowles threw from far right field to senior 3rd baseman Karina Brown to get the out on what could have been a triple for Calhoun City. Once again, the Indians are left scoreless with two runners on base. The score was 5-1 Calhoun City. The 4th inning was scoreless for both teams with three up, three down. In the top of the 5th, Calhoun City had four hits for four runs to increase their lead to 9-1.The Indians had their work cut out for them being down by eight runs going into the bottom of the 5th inning. Senior Sarah Bowles started off the inning with a double, followed by three walks in a row for Makenzie Toombs, Allison Cooper and Vanessa Miller, which gave the Indians a run. Next in the line up, Haley Lucas and Bridgette Robinson each got RBI singles adding two more runs for the Indians. Courtney Blaine came to the plate and with a 1-1 count, and was hit by a pitch, which brought in another run. Karina Brown hit a fielder’s choice, as Calhoun City was able to get the force out at home. With one out, Presley hit a 2 RBI single. The Lady Indians were back to the top of the line up again with Bowles, who lined out to send base, but the hits scores another run for the Indians to tie the game at 9 before the last out is made in the inning. As the 6th inning begins, a few raindrops fell. With a walk for the 1st batter, the 2nd batter hits to pitcher, Toombs for the out at 1st, but moves the base runner to 2nd. The rain gets a little heavier. Toombs has 2 strikes on the batter, the base runner gets to 3rd and the bottom falls out. Umpires call rain delay. They cover home plate and the pitchers mound. The rain stops and they begin to uncover home plate and the pitchers mound, but before they could uncover anything, the rain pours down again. Everyone goes back to the dugout. Just when it looks like the rain is gone again, the Indians proceed to uncover things and its starts pouring down rain again. By this time, the field is soaked and the coaches and umpires meet on the field briefly as the heavy rain fell, and they called the game. The final score was a 9-9 tie. Allison Cooper, Haley Lucas, Bridgette Robinson, and Dayna Presley each hit singles in the game. Sarah Bowles hit a double. Allison Cooper, Haley Lucas and Bridgette Robinson also had RBI’s for the night and Dayna Presley had 2 RBI’s. On Friday, April 13 the Lady Indians traveled to Hamilton. In JV action, Kierra Fair led off for Ackerman with a double, but was left stranded. Haley Lucas took the mound with three up, three down for the Indians. The 2nd innings was not much better for the Indians as left a runner on base again. Hamilton was able to score two in the bottom of the 2nd inning. Deidra Pratt leads off with a double in the top of the 3rd to get things going for the Indians. Makenzie Toombs then gets a single and Kierra Fair draws a walk to load the bases. Haley Lucas flies out to center field. Pratt tags up and is able to score. With two outs for the Indians, down by one, Lindsay Bruce hits a RBI single, followed by Karina Brown with a RBI single, putting the Indians in the lead by one. Brennan Power reaches 1st on an error by Hamilton’s pitcher which scores 3 runs as Power slides into home after hitting a bunt to move the runners. Ackerman now leads Hamilton 6-2 going into the bottom of the 3rd inning. Lindsay Bruce comes in the pitch. Hamilton gets a triple on their 1st hit and is able to score one, but that is all as the Indians stop them with two left on base. Ackerman wins 6-3 against Hamilton. Hits in the game are Kierra Fair – double, Deidra Pratt – double, Makenzie Toombs – single, Lindsay Bruce – RBI single, and Karina Brown – RBI single. In the varsity game, the Lady Indians struggled at the plate in the 1st two innings leaving runners on base each inning. It was a scoreless game until the 2nd when Hamilton was able to score one run. Karina Brown drew a walk in the top of the 3rd. Dayna Presley laid down a sacrifice bunt to move Brown around. Vanessa Miller is thrown out at 1st,but Brown is able to score one for the Indians. With two outs, Makenzie Toombs hits a single but her and Presley are both left stranded as the Lions 1st baseman gets the 3rd out. It is another scoreless 4th and 5th inning for both teams. Unfortunately for the Indians, it was more of the same in the 6th and 7th inning. Hamilton scored another run in the 6th inning and went on the beat Ackerman 4-1. Makenzie Toombs pitched the complete game and also had the only hit of the night for the Indians with Vanessa Miller getting a RBI for the only run in the night for the Indians.