AES Sixth Graders enjoy Chattanooga Adventure

By Press Reports

“This is, by far, the best group of students who have been through here this year!” This was typical of the many compliments received by the 6th grade students of Ackerman Elementary School in restaurants, at the hotel, in gift shops, and in places like Ruby Falls and Rock City throughout the three days in March that they spent in Chattanooga, TN. Working hard and maintaining good behavior in the classroom throughout the year did not go unnoticed for these students. In March, they were rewarded with a memorable 3-day trip to Chattanooga that was filled with fun, pleasure, and education. On the first day of the trip, the students visited Sequoyah Caverns and enjoyed a dinner cruise on board the Southern Belle Riverboat down the Tennessee River. The next day began with a tour of the Tennessee Aquarium before being treated after lunch to science demonstrations at the Electric Shock Theatre inside the Creative Discovery Museum. Then these 6th grade students were on to the Chattanooga IMAX Theater where they viewed a couple of 3-D movies: “Born to Be Wild” and “Tornado Alley.” Day 2 ended with a visit to the Murder Mystery Dinner Theater where Mr. Blaine, Mrs. Scott, Ashton Meyers, and Mason Harris were called to the stage as suspects or witnesses in the murder. Mason even received the “Best Actor” award for the night. On the final day of their adventure, the students enjoyed touring Ruby Falls and Rock City where the girls and boys encountered a little rain, but not enough to squelch their walk through the rock gardens and their views of the surrounding valleys below Lookout Mountain, TN. Mark Twain said, “Never let school interfere with your education.” For these students, not only were their academic skills enhanced, but important life and social skills were broadened as well. Memories were made, wings were spread, and learning took place…..outside the classroom. Teachers and chaperones sharing this special time with Ackerman Elementary’s 6th Graders included: Glen Blaine, Melissa Burney, Tom & Jean Cooper, Robin Cummings, Ginny Lucas, and Shirley Scott.