Supervisors receive update on Lake Project

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Two dam locations for the Lake Project will sustain water according to the Corp of Engineers. Jim Buckalew with the Corp of Engineers of Mobile presented a report to the Choctaw County Board of Supervisors in their April 2 meeting. In 2009, the Corp began investigating the feasibility of a dam on Sandy Creek for the proposed Lake Project. Buckalew said the Corp used three different methods to see if the dam locations would sustain water with the expected daily withdrawals. They found that both sites, A and E, would sustain water. Site E, according to Buckaloo, is on the Choctaw/Oktibbeha line and would provide about 8.5 million gallons a day. Site A, which is further downstream, would provide 6 million gallons a day. Buckalew also stated that the account has funds left over and said the Corp could give the county’s funds back or begin a scope of work. The funds came from the federal government and a match from Choctaw County. He suggested using the funds to have the Corp develop a rough order of magnitude (scope of work) for a full feasibility study of which dam location is best and how much it would cost to construct. The Board of Supervisors took no action today. They need to decide soon if they would like the funds back or to have the Corp. begin developing a scope of work.

Also in the April 2, meeting representatives from Gordman Insurance submitted a proposal from United Healthcare for the county’s health insurance. The board and Gordman Insurance discussed the UHC plan, options and the differences between a fully funded plan and a self funded plan. Later in the meeting the supervisors discussed the differences between Gordman Insurance’s proposal and the renewal from Mississippi Public Entity. The board approved for the board clerk to fill out an application with Gordman Insurance to get firm premium numbers before making a decision on which insurance to approve. The Choctaw County Board of Supervisors also approved: • March minutes. • Jail inspection. • To omit the rip-rap and use sod instead on the slope at the new hospital construction site. • To add the accent brick back into the new medical office building at a cost of approximately $25,000. The supervisors previously approved to omit the accent brick and take the $25,000 credit. • Request for payment from Pryor & Morrow Engineering to pay Johnson Construction approximately $462,000 for work on the new hospital and approximately $80,000 for work on the new medical office building. Funds are to be used from the hospital bonds. • Inter-fund transfer of $32,915 from Fund 001 (General Fund) to Fund 026 (Emergency Services) for payment to MedStat EMS for operating the ambulance service. • Monthly Paid Claims.