The Annual Passion Walk set

By: Sr. Alies Therese

Passion Walk at noon on Good Friday, April 6 at the walking track in Ackerman. Seems a long time ago we celebrated Easter…but the weather this year seems to bring it on. Look around at blooming buds and warmth not usually experienced until late April or May. Sometimes this sort of experience forms within our hearts and it takes more than just reading to encourage us to change. We find ourselves helping an elderly person or a child; giving money to a cause we support; or allowing ourselves to be touched anew by the Gospel. Come on Good Friday to the enactment of Matthew’s rendition of the Passion story. We will gather at the walking track and at each of 10 light posts will pause and consider the horrific walk that Jesus of Nazareth was forced to make as He walked the way of the Cross having been condemned to public execution. What happened to His friends and loved ones? What happens to you? You may ‘know’ the story…come ‘feel’ the story…come see the story as 10 churches lead us in prayer and song around Matthew’s Gospel. If you want Easter this year to be very special, look into the heart of Jesus and see who He died for. Was it for that friend you will bring who has never heard (felt or seen) the story? Was it for those lost, needing a friend? Was it for the hopeless, ill or imprisoned? Was it for those condemned to death, lost in war, or in a mental hospital? Was it for you? And the answer is yes…for us all. Join us as we seek to re-discover the Gospel and then to find out the rest of the story as we gather on Easter Sunday morning at Ackerman Methodist Church at 7 am for the Sunrise Service…everyone is welcome.