Local resident promoting better health and weight loss

By Amanda McBride The Choctaw Plaindealer

Local residents crediting weight loss and getting healthier to weight loss product and will-power. Debra Lawson has lost over 60 pounds taking Plexus Slim and feels healthier and happier than ever. Debra and Jerry’s Story Before trying Plexus Slim, Debra “felt hopeless being so overweight.” “I had tried nearly every diet out there, I would lose weight but then gain it right back. I had never been able to keep the weight off. When I learned about Plexus Slim, an all natural weight loss product, I thought, ‘Why not?’” Debra decided to become a Plexus Ambassador so that she could get the products at wholesale. “I never had any intentions to sell the product; in fact, I didn’t want anyone to know I was taking Plexus Slim!” Debra explains. Within a few days, she began to feel satisfied and realized Plexus Slim had curbed her appetite and stopped her cravings. “On the third day, I realized I hadn’t been to the store (to buy her candy bar and coke),” said Debra. “After one month of using Plexus Slim, I started losing weight. I noticed six weeks in, I had more energy.” Jerry Lawson, Debra’s husband, is a Type 2 diabetic and was taking four insulin shots a day. “Jerry researched Plexus Slim and found that the company said Plexus Slim could help keep blood sugar at healthy levels,” said Debra. “As the days passed Jerry’s sugar levels began to normalize. He was steadily requiring less and less insulin,” said Debra. “Believe it or not, today Jerry’s blood sugar levels are consistently normal. He takes no insulin shots at all! Praise God!” As Debra began shedding pounds people started noticing and began to ask her about it. “As I told them about Plexus Slim, I realized that as an Ambassador I could earn extra income…,” said Debra. Debra says she lost but has gained as well. She has lost over 60 pounds but has gained energy and financial well being that she never had before. Jerry has gained better health and control over his blood sugar without medication. Financial Gain As she began to share how she was losing weight with her friends and family her Plexus business began to take off. “That’s when the whole thing began to snowball. My friends were telling their friends…and their friends. Suddenly, a real profitable business began to emerge,” explained Debra. Today, she oversees the Ackerman Warehouse. Local Ambassadors place their orders online then have the option of filling it here. If they choose to have it filled at the Ackerman Warehouse, the order is usually filled that day and there are no shipping charges. The warehouse supplies to Ambassadors only. The warehouse is so successful that Plexus Worldwide has hired two employees to help run the Warehouse. Debra’s success with Plexus has earned her the level of Emerald Ambassador. She was the second in the entire Plexus Worldwide Company to gain that level. Ambassador levels include: Ambassador, Senior, Silver, Gold, Senior Gold, Ruby, Senior Ruby, Emerald, and Diamond Ambassador. Debra says Ambassadors can easily make $200 or more a month. The extra income comes from sharing with your family and friends the benefits of Plexus products and Plexus opportunities just a few hours a week. “$400 extra a month could make the difference of being able to keep your home or not. It also allows you to do the extras.” Plexus Slim Plexus Worldwide offers a variety of healthy products. The most popular in our area is Plexus Slim. It is a powder that you pour into 12 ounces of water, shake/stir and drink. Slim helps curb appetites, gives most people more energy and helps people sleep better. Plexus Slim works with your body and can help keep blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipids at healthy levels. “There are many more great success stories to tell you about people in our area who are using Plexus Slim to lose weight, help diabetics lower their blood sugar, lower their blood pressure, decrease the pain of arthritis, help overcome depression, lower the pain of fibromyalgia and more,” says Debra. Debra said Plexus Worldwide also offers “other products that help with overall good health.” Plexus Worldwide “It’s not about me, it’s how wonderful the product is and how wonderful the company is,” said Debra about Plexus Worldwide, the company that produces Plexus Slim. She said the company’s core beliefs are: Be Trustworthy, Be Honest, Be Reliable and Be Responsible. “It’s awesome.” Debra explained that two men created the company with the vision of wanting to “help people improve their health and empower people to make a little bit extra, or obtain financial wealth.” She said they want everyone to be successful. She added that Plexus sales are vertical growth unlike many businesses in today’s economy. “Plexus Slim is spreading around in small towns because it works.” Debra issues a challenge to everyone—“Drink Plexus Slim and let’s get healthy together.” To learn more about Plexus Slim contact Debra or your local ambassador. Or visit www.debralawson.com or www.plexusslim.com.