Aldermen approve zoning exception

Aldermen approve zoning exception By Amanda McBride
TheChoctaw Plaindealer

The Ackerman Board of Aldermen approved a zoning exception for Savanna Mosley at 416 Pickle Avenue during their March 6 board meeting.
Before the board meeting, a public hearing was held as an opportunity for any concerned with the exception could voice their opinions. No one from the public attended the public hearing.
The board unanimously approved to allow the zoning exception.
The Ackerman Board of Aldermen approved:
-To take Marlin Ashford to Justice Court over an unpaid water/sewer bill.
-JuneFest sponsorship of $1,000
-To hire David McCool, as certified police officer, and to waive the insurance waiting period.
-Advertising for an administrator and engineer for Proposed 2012 CDBG grant.
-Appointment of committee for the 2012 CDBG project to approve and rate proposals. The committee is Dick Cain, Debbie Boley and Mike Brasher.
-Payment of $721.75 to Ben Pearson Parts for maintenance work to the lift at the Public Works shop.
The next Ackerman Board of Aldermen meeting is April 3 at 6 p.m. in the boardroom at Town Hall.
A public hearing for Spurgeon Moss, Susan Kruse and Reece Kruse another will be held March 14 at 5:30 in the boardroom. They are requesting a zoning exception on property that borders Gaston and Mabus Streets.